How to not look innocent and sweet?

What makes a girl look innocent and sweet?

i get this all the time and I'm pretty sick of it. I'm not short or anything so its not like I look like a child. to describe me a bit, I can tell you that most people say I look "wholesome" "nice" "cute", etc. that type.i want a more sexual image. I am 18 now and I don't like looking so sweet. I dress kind of preppy/conservative but I'm looking for a change. what are some things I can do to glam up more? I don't want to look trashy but I want more of an edge


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  • dark smokey eyes and depending on your skin tone/features.possibly deep red lipstick.


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  • Don't worry, time will take care of that sweet look sooner or later. But girls with good hearts, who are caring and who want fairness in the world, are loyal to family and friends but not if they are in the wrong.this is what makes someone look sweet and innocent.

    No one can look that way if they aren't really at least SOMEWHAT sweet and innocent, by the way, so you're trying to fight yourself!

    You can't win fights with yourself, so just relax about this!

    • So do you think it's my personality coming out?

    • Yes, I think it's pretty clear. Why complain about it? A lot of people wish they could be that way!

  • At your age, the only way to have a sexual image is to be a complete slut, and even at that you have so much competition at that you probably won't be noticed.

    Save that for when you're old enough to project sexuality without forcing it! That time will come!

    Until then, be thankful you look that way, since it's impossible to successfuly must really BE that way in general!

    WHY is that bad?

  • Why would you wanna look desirable to men? Perhaps what you are going after, is more mature image. You can perhaps update your wardrobe, but It does not necesserally have to be sexual . There are plenty of women out there who are admired because all of ther aspects, and not just the physical one. Invest in yourself.

    • Yeah I want to look more sexier to guys. I think they like that better than some girly cute looking girl I mean I feel like a kid sister compared to most girls!

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  • Look, being innocent and sweet shouldn't be seen as negative. It doesn't mean you are some sort of pushover, or gullible! People say I have that look but I can defend myself!

    If you TRy to look sexual I can guarantee you will look trashy!

    Like innocence, sexiness has to come from within and can't be counterfeited. You will have to LEARN how to project this.and it's not a contradiction to be BOTH sexy and sweet!

    In fact, in my opinon only the 'sweet' can by truly sexy, aside from clothes, coiffure, and other things that can be bought.

  • I'm short, people call me sweet and innocent, and I have a kind of laidback-indie style--I've never felt like that hurt my chances with a guy. As long as you're just being you, it won't matter. If you feel like you need to update your style a bit because that's what you want to do, that's fine, but you don't have to do that for the sake of getting a guy's attention.