I caught him glancing at me twice? What exactly does this mean? please help

So I was at McDonald's getting breakfast this morning and there was this guy waiting for his order when I was. I caught him looking at me more than once. I was in my work clothes (navy blue polo shirt and tan khakis) because I had just gotten off work so I really didn't look all that great... but I was still surprised it seemed like he was maybe checking me out since I caught him glancing at me twice? If I see him again should I approach him? I don't really want to because I don't want to seem too desperate or anything.


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  • Yes, definitely. Always a great feeling when the girl makes a move. Instant attraction builder for me. Also, do you work at best buy? I hated having to wear that same damn blue polo and khakis all the time.

  • You should! One thing that guys love is, when the girl takes the initiative. Go girl!

    Good luck ;-)


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