What does it mean when a guy thinks a girl is "cute" or "aiiiiite"

ive been called cute many times, or heard guys say damn she aiiiiiteee...

does it literally mean cute as in a little girl or sisterlike cute

and aiiiite as in all right as in okay looking not that pretty nothing special?

im so confused. what do these terms mean?

i do get hit on a lot and honked on my truck drivers, and I have many male admirers, but why do they call me cute? I'm not some little girl or baby


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  • LOL well it sounds like people think you are pretty attractive. Saying someone is cute or aight, is not a bad thing at all. It's just the "cool" way of saying that you are a "bad girl" not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good. LOL More confusion for you.

    No seriously, obviously it doesn't mean anything bad or that you are seen as little girl cute.

    I don't hear guys say amongst each other that girls are pretty anymore, so I think saying a female looks good or saying she's aight is just the current term for pretty. I don't think anyone would approach you and say 'damn you aight.' It's something guys say amongst each other when they are acknowledging a good looking girl.

    • Hahaha thankyouuuu this makes me feel so much better =)

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  • Cute is just a different kind of attractive.

    Aiite is something TOTALLY different.

    It's like saying you're "par"

    Cute's good.

    And they don't mean you're cute like a baby.

    Truck Drivers don't like babies.

    That's why they stay on the road instead of at home.

  • haha that's how some guys say it like me and my friends say dope cause it sounds more mature then saying like o wow that girl was cute haha


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  • cute- 1) cute in a little sister way, pretty but no sex appeal

    2) gorgeous face+not so amazing body

    3) pretty girl with a friendly, bubbly personality and great smile

    aight- slang for "alright". meaning she's okay but nothing special

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