Girlfriend vs Hookup?

What's the difference between being Girlfriend material vs Hookup material. I've been told I'm hookup material, which I don't mind, but I was just wondering what's that mean. . is it a certain way I look or carry myself or what?


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  • This is how I see that, ok hook material means she's hot and all I wanna do is bang her, but if we do that it probably won't happen again, and its really not the way you look or dress, it's just something that goes though our minds, we think well I'll have sex with her but that's it, honestly it is really complicated and hard to explain but it's just a feeling we have. See if we see girlfriend material our goal is not to have sex with her as soon as possible but only have sex with her when we feel it is the right time. In other words we are not thinking oh man I wanna have sex with this chick, we are thinking man this chick is great I do wanna have sex with her but not right now, I wanna actually get to know her better, and the truth is this if you have sex with a guy you either have only been on one date or maybe just met, chances are he will have sex with you and then your never going to hear from him again, for me I get bored I go ok well that was fun next.

    It's bad I know but that is how I am I may act like I am into you but in reality I am not, and that's the thing, guys will pretty much sleep with any girl and they can put all emotions aside and only view it as a good time. So if you give it up to fast or other people say oh dude she's easy she will sleep with anyone then I mean what do you expect, it's really that simple, we want to have sex but we some sort of challenge not any of that hard to get crap but more like keep them wanting more, but not just leading us on.

    So if we want a realtionship with you then chances are we won't try and have sex with you right away.

    • How do you become girlfriend material?

    • Thanks for the explanation, it was really helpful. And I don't think it's bad the way you act, its just the way things are. Like I said I don't mind being perceived as hookup material because like you said it means the girls hot (I hope that doesn't sound too bad lol)

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  • Yes. It's the way you carry yourself. a hookup type is someone that a guy just see as fun, and wants to play around with. They do not take you seriously with anything else, but just sex. A girlfriend material is they type that guys sees more seriously and wants something more with that person than just sex. Girlfriend material is also long term. The guy is going to spend time and keep a girlfriend a lot longer than a hookup type, rather then playing with a toy and when they get bored, they move on.

    Not saying you are a toy. It was just an example.

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