What does it mean when a guy gives you his briefs?

the guy I've been seeing for the last few months lent me a pair of briefs to sleep in. I wore them home the next day and when he called that night, it was mentioned that I could keep them.. "for a souvenir".. now just to mention, we talked in the morning over breakfast about the status of our "relationship" and he was very clear that I mean something to him... so was the "souvenir" a hint that things are going south regardless? OR more a sweet gesture, kinda like a t-shirt thing?


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  • I don't think things are going south. It's a gesture that things will go well. It reminds me of how some girls take or borrow their boyfriends sweaters or jerseys.


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  • Dude sleeps nude like 98 percent of us so he is not wearing them to snooze.

    Looks like Souvenir is just a poor word choice. I would have to say it is just like the T-shirt thing I'm sure if you prefer he will lend you a T-shirt to sleep in and wear home.

  • I've never heard of this. He gave you his underwear as a gift? Maybe it's some strange way to say that he likes you.. I don't know really.


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