Do you care about stretch marks on your girlfriend's body?

I must admit I have a lot. It doesn't help my self esteem but I try not to care what others might think. I was wondering though guys, do you feel that stretch marks might discourage you from dating a girl if she has them?


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  • Finally a question where you haven't selected the best answer. So you can pick mine. I think every guy likes a girl with a nice body which you look like you have. But it is the little imperfections that make it perfect, whether it be stretch marks, a scar, freckles or a birthmark. The imperfections are what make us unique and even more attractive in my book. Maybe I am just different but everything you have it what makes you who you are... and the next guy who gets you will be lucky because with every experience you get to know even more what you like.

    • WOW! I am impressed. I never would have imagined a guy feeling that way.

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    • i love my lady and her well earned stretch marks that's what makes her the tigger that she is.

    • thats poss why my partner felt safe with me I'm a lover not a fighter. I feel we all have stretch marks from growing up but a lady earns her strips by having babys. If a guy don't like them then he should stop poking the fire in the oven that makes the babys. that way you wouldn't have stretch be honest men make me ashamed to even be one.

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  • I agree w- That-Guy, if the guy is that concerned about stretch marks, then he just wanted you as another mark over his bed-post.

    here's a quick story:

    I was out to eat and I saw a couple a little bit older than I was. What was different- was that when they got up to leave, one person never got up; they wheeled themselves away in a wheelchair. Well, the guy wheeled the girl away, but I thought it was so cool. The wheelchair wasn't a factor that hindered the love that they had for each other.

    So I wouldn't let something like stretch marks bother you. It wouldn't bother me. It would have to be something much greater than that.

  • I personally thing stretch marks are kinda sexy, especially if they have a slight tan over them.

    My wife gained weight when she bore our children, but then she lost it all and made it back to her 125lbs self. She was left with some stretch marks and I kinda like it for some reason

    She had a complex about them after child birth and used some kind of scar lotion that didn't really work. I insured her they where sexy to me, and I'm sure she is fine with that. I think deep down inside she may still be a little insecure around other notices perhaps at the beach or pool.

    Besides I admire a woman who is happy with her self and what she look like. More than the likes of a perfect skinny chick who says she's fat, those types annoy me.

  • Nope, I don't mind at all because they are signs that you're losing weight and moving in the right direction. You're young and your skin is still responding well to weight loss.

    Like the other girl said, "F them."

  • Doesn't bother me at all as long as she's already lost the weight that caused them. If she lost weight and has them, it's not really her fault anyway... if anything it shows she was determined to be more healthy and that she cares about her body and that's sexy as hell.

  • Well after looking at your pictures, I have to say it wouldn't matter a bit to me.

  • My answer is for the girl you are dating? No, for me it never crossed my mind. But if you're single for some reason its not the same its more of a. No yeah haha


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  • You look really skinny.. so I'm sure it wouldn't matter.

    I know that they may not be pretty but they are

    Unique.. and guys like that. Also... it does depend on

    where you have them. Like if they are on your stomach

    or something that could change things from guy to guy..

    But if you love somebody and they love you back... they

    are never going to care if you have or don't have them!

    If they don't respect what makes you, you. Then F&Ck them.

    ;) Good Luck ;)

    If you wanna talk then message.

  • I've only had the Dermalmd Stretch Mark Serum for a few weeks and it is ridiculous the change I see when I wear it and since I've started. I only have stretch marks on my breast after my last pregnancy so far and they are just about gone now. I only use it once a day tho because I'm just too lazy to do it twice lol. Also The smell reminds me of nuts maybe? It might just be because I'm pregnant and if it's not fruit anything and everything else smells bad at the moment. But I can't pin it and I'm not fond of it, but can definitely live with the smell because it works so well. I would recommend.

  • I know you asked guys but someone recommended this to me awhile back and while I still have stretch marks, they aren't as visible as they used to be. I know how it hurts our self esteem to have these darned this. Anyway this is what I've been doing:

    -Wake up in the morning and right after my shower I massage Bio Oil into my stretch marks in circular motion (you find it at Walgreens for about $10 - $14)

    - Take another shower in the evening and right after massage in a circular motion all over my stretch marks Paradise Gold Cocoa Butter Premium Cream (also at Walgreens, $6 - $7 for a big jar). This has collagen and also something that helps repair and maintain skin's natural elasticity. After that I massage Bio Oil again on the stretch marks. You can put the Paradise Gold Cocoa Butter in the morning too if you want, I don't because I really don't have that much time during the a.m to do the process because I have to work really early. But in the evening I take my time.

    -Right before bed I put on the stretch marks CocoaCare 100% Cocoa Butter 'The Yellow Stick' ( about $1 - $2 also at Walgreens).

    I know it's tedious but so far it's been worth it. Don't expect them to go away completely but at least they won't be as pronounced. Also, be patient. It takes time. Don't expect them to just vanish in a week :)

    If it doesn't work for you, at least it'll leave your skin really soft and it smells awesome.

  • Good question!! you look thin though so I doubt there really bad..i have stretch marks on my thighs and hated them but then I seen my friend after she had a baby and she has them all over her stomach and back and it looks like a bear tore at her stomach & back so now I know my stretch marks could be worse and to just be thankful there not that bad!! also I don't know if you heard of bio oil but it helps get rid of stretch marks it worked for me I have not as many now!!