Do guys like the "fake" look on girls?

We hear all the time how guys prefer natural and all that. But it seems the girls the guys fawn over, and other girls get jealous of, are more of the fake type, or who change a lot of their natural look to be that way.

For example: Very dyed hair, almost to the point of purposely showing different streaks, or roots growing in.

Dark, fake tan either from tanning beds or sprays

Lots of makeup (not trying to make it look natural. Obvious eyeshadown, eyeliner and mascara in particular

Fake nails

Many piercings and tattoos (piercings more likely to be on face like eyebrown, nose or above lip)

I can admit that at first glance, these girls are attractive. I don't know whether they would be without all the fake stuff, but the things they do are considered hot by America's standards, and despite what boys say, they go for girls like this all the time. Why is that? Wouldn't most of you guys honestly date these girls if you had the chance?
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Do guys like the "fake" look on girls?
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