Do guys like the "fake" look on girls?

We hear all the time how guys prefer natural and all that. But it seems the girls the guys fawn over, and other girls get jealous of, are more of the fake type, or who change a lot of their natural look to be that way.

For example: Very dyed hair, almost to the point of purposely showing different streaks, or roots growing in.

Dark, fake tan either from tanning beds or sprays

Lots of makeup (not trying to make it look natural. Obvious eyeshadown, eyeliner and mascara in particular

Fake nails

Many piercings and tattoos (piercings more likely to be on face like eyebrown, nose or above lip)

I can admit that at first glance, these girls are attractive. I don't know whether they would be without all the fake stuff, but the things they do are considered hot by America's standards, and despite what boys say, they go for girls like this all the time. Why is that? Wouldn't most of you guys honestly date these girls if you had the chance?

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  • You mean the girls that are primarily used for sex?

    • I was friends with a girl who was extremely fake though, and whenever we went out, the guys were always looking at her. Guys that came over called her "the hot one" and she had a boyfriend of 4 years so she wasn't getting used. Funny thing is the rest of us were all considered very beautiful, we just didn't stick out with the bleach blond hair and makeup like she did.

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    • No I'm pretty sure she cheated at least once. She cheated on all her other boyfriends, including with him at one point. And he's definitely whipped, but he's smart, sweet, not bad looking. So it showed me that even good guys will put up with her because of her looks. Are they sexually more attractive than naturally pretty girls like me?

    • No. It's just assumed that they'll put out quicker. That's why they immediately go to her first.

      I'm not surprised by that. It lends credence to what I've been saying.

      And yeah, some guys are like that. He's just not the typical guy in my opinion. It doesn't mean you can't get a good guy like that.

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What Guys Said 4

  • I don't really care that much on piercings and tattoes as long as not 20 piercings in the face.

    but fake tan, no it look fake and it looks like a layer outside the skin (like thin layer of dirt)

    fake nails (no guy really care about your nails, most prefer them shorter than 5 cm because they become more to claws or "I can't do this because of my long nails)

    to me, it feels like a warnings sign if she got much makeup on ( green eyeliner, purple lipstick, tan cream etc say to me this is a girl who is easily influenced by her surroundings and high chance to be the "annoying" teenage girl you want to choke every time they say " OH MAY GAD" all the time...

  • I love natural except for nails. I love fake long pretty nails on a woman. I hate piercings, tats, fake lashes, hair.

  • the idiot guys you see fawning over them are not the average guy though.

  • Any bloke with sense prefers natural beauty


What Girls Said 3

  • Well piercing and tattoos don't really make a girl looks fake but makeup does if its done too much.However,most women look average without makeup.

    The most prettiest girl can be from 9-5 without makeup.Its a temporary fix for some girls who have skin problem or small eyes.

    I think guys don't like the fake look but they like the attractive look of the girls either she is natural or not.Natural beauty is one excuse for some guys to make them sound less shallow.

    If you really wanted to know the difference,you can try and make a 'survey' Get yourself hair done,full makeup (nice and not cakey) with hair extension,paint your nails.Maybe you can wear a nice wig.Go out and walk around at the malls.

    The next day go out and walk around without anything on your face with pony tail hair.Lets see what happen.The result will be super interesting.

    • I'm actually one of those rare cases that gets hit on MORE when I have on sweats and no makeup XD probably because guys can tell that wearing makeup all the time just isn't my personality.

      I agree with you though about the piercings and tattoos. They don't mean a girl is fake.

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    • Tattoos on women are a turn off!

    • @MrWhiteGuy420:Whatever,that's your opinion and its hilarious two jerks down voted me and don't have the balls to argue with me about my comment.

  • This can heavily depend on where you live. Most places, guys prefer natural, but there are places where fake is considered more desirable.

  • As far as relationships go most of the guys I know are into the more natural type. From what I've seen it looks like guys want to bang the fake type more often than not (probably because they are easier to bed).

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