Guys, is he "saving me for later"?

So there is this guy in my year group, he is good looking and very nice, though he is a womanizer/ man slut.

I have been somewhat close to him, he has always been very nice to me. For a while I have noticed that he has a very peculiar attitude towards me, he is very flirty and teasing but never attempts anything with me.

Whenever I am with some other guy he gets all jealous. He is always staring at me. Every now and then he tries to get me drunk at parties.

People who have observed the tension between us, have told me that he looks at me in a very interested and sort of "hunting way", this has been going on for quite a long while, and I was wondering if what everyone is telling me is right... he is saving me for later.

Is that even possible? Do guys just save girls for later?

Because the way he acts towards me is very particular...


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  • I think it's posible he has a crush on you and likes you. He does flirt with you and teases you and tries to get you drunk at parties. It seems like he is infatuated wih you.Maybe he thinks he doesn't have a shot with you if he is a womanizer.Or maybe he likes the flirting and teasing thing with you. If he is getting jelous seeing you with other guys then that is good for him because he should try to at least attempt to chase you aggressivley if he likes you.

  • It's not possible that he's saving you for later.


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