Three Easy Steps to Attract a Girl on Facebook


These days, how to find love using social networking sites is more a norm than a deviation. You could already be a Facebook user, and while at it, exploit its networking powers to your advantage. After all, not doing so is like throwing away free money. The following tips on dating for men involve three easy steps to attract a girl in Facebook, if you are not already using social media on how to find the girl for you:

• Create an irresistible pitch

Keep sure to make it authentic and sincere, though. Your goal is to get them looking at you first. For men who are still single after 40 and wonder “how can I find love,” the temptation to gloss over is great. Don’t. How to find the girl for you is all about sensible “packaging” to get the girls stop in your Facebook doorstep. As mentioned, you would want to keep your profile honest and authentic because your next goal is to land a date! Overdoing it online can harm your real-life reputation, a sure turn-off with women. Informal surveys have been passed around, and women generally want to hang around men who are likeable, fun-loving (but not the prankster kind) and have something to “offer” (read: interesting and not inane).

So, be sure you are attractive – many friends (don’t play with the numbers, just honest-to-goodness friends), pictures with gorgeous girl buddies (to increase your perceived face value), and authentic interests. This tells women you are a “normal” social creature – a step in the direction of finding a soul mate, allowing you to eventually share your quirkiness and own brand of uniqueness.

• Share, like, or post

In other words, interact! How to find love does involve a lot of work, so put your typing skills to the test. Go for a daily update. Nobody is interested with stale news. Share an excellent and useful article, post a picture of you and your grandma (to get family-oriented women along your path), or upload a funny video of you and your pet (to get pet lovers drop by). Beefing up your overall profile using these “white hat” tricks will lead you along the path of finding a soul mate.

To market yourself better, look at your friends’ pictures which tag women friends. Then, find out about the statuses and profiles of ladies you find interesting. You wouldn’t want to commit a faux pas in making a Facebook pass with women who are attached or married. How to find the girl for you does not involve coveting other people’s wives!

Three Easy Steps to Attract a Girl on Facebook

• Hit the send button

How to find love requires communication, so open your dialog box. Certainly, it would be an ideal set-up if it’s the girl who found you first. Otherwise, you may have to “poke” friends who have friends you are interested with. Once you have been set-up for a virtual meeting, properly introduce yourself and mention you were brought together by a common friend. Take this as an opportunity to get to know each other, observing prevailing boundaries when it comes to online flirting. You can then decide whether to elevate the Facebook friendship to text messaging, or late-night calling.

Overdoing it online can harm your real-life reputation, a sure turn-off with women.

There are hundreds of tips on dating for men, but do remember always one thing: being polite and gentlemanly will always put you in good stead. Whether you land a date in person or not, what is important is you put your best foot forward. Who knows, that girl may know another girl – someone who is a better fit.

Enjoy the search and the good luck! Use these tips to leverage on how to find the girl for you.

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Lorii Abela is a Law of Attraction Practitioner and Finding True Love Coach for expatriates. She herself has manifested her match in 30 days through a process that she now teaches. Discover her secrets to finding true love. Lorii is available for coaching, speaking engagements and consultancy.

Three Easy Steps to Attract a Girl on Facebook
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Hartmut
    The type of people who have to resort to using sites like Facebook to attract a potential partner are generally the ones who don't have all that much about themselves to 'market' in the firstplace; otherwise, they could have done it offline. I sure as hell can't do it, at any rate.
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    • MrNameless

      But when your only option is facebook because you don't have their number or don't see them in RL often if not at all, that's the only way to go.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Elaine1
    I would like act Facebook as a tool to meet people around the world, not dating thing...
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  • YoshQ
    What you do on Facebook can have an implication on your real life "life", but it doesn't have to. One of the points this article is trying to convey is that Facebook can be just another tool for finding friends, or more. The belief that a person must obviously be desperate if they are finding romantic interests or friends on the internet is not always true.
  • ironeddie
    This article is a joke. My friends know what I'm like, that's why they are my friends. I'm not trying to impress others. Safety and privacy should be of high value in anyone's. life. If you don't know me, you're not going to find me. Even if I was looking for a date/relationship, sending a friend request to some random person that your friend knows is just stupid. Going back to the safety issue, anyone who accepts a friend request from someone they don't know, is asking for trouble.
  • Yeahhbro
    I agree this is useless unless you don't have a life out of face a life Facebook. And if you do have a life out of Facebook, this is useless, because you don't need Facebook to attract women in "real" life, all you need is your game. Facebook is just a means, not an end.
  • SuRpRiZeD
    Or, bear with me or you could not be a p**** and ask her out in person
  • probabilist
    sounds like good advice, too bad I don't have a FB
  • shunsongyao
    a good idea , may be I can try to do it tomorrow