Is my college professor hitting on me?

My college professor has been acting in a way that's starting to irritate me. He is my mentor, I respect him a lot and he has always been kind to me, hence I always saw us as "friends" of some kind, but now his behaviour confuses the shit out of me.
He is 30 years older than me and married.

To make it quick, here's a list of things he does:

- he comes very close to me: when he demonstrates something he hovers about 3 inches above me; he hugs me when we greet each other, but not in front of everyone, mainly in the classroom when we are alone; his hand often lingers on my shoulder and even on my back
- when I show him something in a textbook his hand "accidently" touches mine very noticeably
- he gets nervous around me
- he brags to me
- he brushes his hair with his hands when I look away
- he reads funny stories to me that he just found
- he laughs when I laugh (even when it's dumb)
- he tells me personal stuff in relation to our field (nothing weird)
- he said I'm a nice person, cute, charming and indirectly asked if I have a boyfriend twice
- I've caught him looking intensely at me more than once
- he makes fun of me and teases me
- he observes me and makes jokes based on my humour
- he once joked about his wife leaving him... what?
- there was a guy who took a liking to me and my professor was a real, big douche towards him (he normally behaves professionally)
- there is this weird vibe around us
- he is genuinely concerned about me

I noticed that it's fairly easy to fall for him, but where will that lead towards? Affair, mid-life crisis, what is up?
I decided to be smart enough to not let myself be blinded by infatuation while I'm young and making big and courageous steps on my life path.
So please tell me, is his behaviour "normal" and how do I not make a fool out of myself? I've managed to do so already anyway because I naively opened up to him, but now I want to be myself and live my life freely and according to my abilities. Thanks!
Is my college professor hitting on me?
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