Why does my crush always look at me?

He knows I like him. But we don't even talk. He just looks at me, not in a bad way, he tends to smile sometimes. And when he is talking to his friends. I always find that he tends to look my way, and we make eye contact and hold it until I decide to look away. Does he have feelings for me? Or what? P. S. He is kind of a shy guy. If that helps?


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  • I would say he does like you because is stealing those glances at you! If he shy then is not sure how to approach you because he doesn't want to get shot down. But if your not to shy then you should go and talk to him and let him know that you are noticing him too! I would say he is really into you girl! GO FOR IT! =)

    • Awh ahah He knows I like him tho! So he wouldn't get shut down. But he is always looking at me even when he is talking to his friends. Like I don't know if it's because he is talking about me or just looking at me. But he is totally a cutie! Ha but yah I'm really outgoing. But when I like a guy I gt shy and nervous around them. And he does not have a cell phone, or myspace or facebook or anything. So if I talked to him it would have to be in person! But I'm a little shy around him

    • When you do see him speak to him just to start a conversation with him, when both people are a little shy it's kind of hard to make the first move!! when he does look at you smile and wave at him that may make him feel confident in approaching you!

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