Why does he not feel a boyfriend-girlfriend connection?

I've been seeing someone for a while now, he says he likes me, a lot, and goes into detail about what he likes about me specifically (which was A LOT). But he says he doesn't feel a boyfriend-girlfriend connection with me.

I know he's not just using me for sex because I've asked him if he wanted to while we were in the moment (a couple of times actually) and he said not yet.

We cuddle and talk for hours and text each other all day when we don't see each other. I draw him silly cute pictures and he learns songs on the guitar for me and we exchange songs/drawings every Thursday.

How is this NOT a boyfriend-girlfriend connection? Should I just give up on ever thinking he'll want an actual relationship? What can I do to make him realize I want him, and only him. To be with me in a boyfriend/girlfriend way instead of just seeing each other?

Help me please :( This situation has me so torn because I've never met anyone like him, ever and I don't want to give up.. but I think I might have to.
Why does he not feel a boyfriend-girlfriend connection?
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