Does he like me? And should I shoot my shot?

Ok, so this guy at work (yes I know work dating is bad but hear me out) I really have a thing for and I'm like 65% sure he likes me too. I've researched how to know if a guy likes you and he displayed most signs. He always smiles at me, tries to start a convo with me, tries to help me at work and when we have work events invites me or sits near me, etc. So fwd to today, I went to his desk and told him I hope he didn't think I was rude because I have a hard time looking him in the eyes or holding a convo but he just makes me nervous. He kept asking why and I told him I couldn't say right now. He then moved closer and softly said in a forceful voice that I should tell him exactly what's on my mind and how I'm feeling. I felt like I probably should've just said it right then but I was so scared! Ugh! Anyways, so at the conclusion of work I told him this random dude from work kept texting me and he out of nowhere asked if I felt like he was flirting when the text had nothing sexual or flirty in it. He seemed low-key jealous. He then asked me if many of the co-workers flirted with me and then asked who specifically but then put his head down and said he couldn't bear to know. I then go, yeah 70% of the dudes here have flirted In some form or fashion but I'm used to it, just sadly never from the guys I want and then slowly looked up and rolls my eyes to gaze his response to see if he was following what I meant him. He then told me in this day and age, he prefers chicks shoot their shot and be bold. I told him that I felt the dude should already know I want him as I've displayed several signs and he was like nah just say wtf is on your mind. The convo ended there because I didn't of course and also I really needed to go home. In conclusion, what do y'all feel I should do? #1 do you think he likes me or at least is attracted to me? #2 do you think I should make the first official move by telling him I like him? I feel like if we met outside of work I totally would.
8 mo
So sad update:

Yeah I told him yesterday and he basically said he'd prefer to keep it 100% professional since office dating is risky and having sexual relations only still can get messy but he's flattered and wishes he didn't just find out he was about to be my direct boss so epic fail basically. He then spent 20min asking me follow up questions about what I wanted, since when, etc.
Well thanks anyways guys for giving me the courage to try. It wasn't a complete rejection but still hurts.
Does he like me? And should I shoot my shot?
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