How do you know someone is pushing you and away? What are some of the tall tale signs ?

How do you know that someone is pushing you away ? No one in particullary , a friend of mine is having promblems with her relationship ! Thanks all , no its not me !


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  • 1. If there was good communication in the beginning and it has now dwindled - consistently. Sort of falling off the face of the earth for a period of time.

    2. Texting/emailing/phoning has become considerably less - consistently. Or the texts or emails have become very generic. eg: How was your day? Answer: fine.

    3. The desire to see you has decreased considerably. You may say, "hey, let's go for lunch" and he says, "uh yeah, I'll see." or something to that effect.

    4. If sex was involved, that would become less frequent OR less intimate - more of a "function"

    5. No talk of the future anymore (if there originally was).

    6. Disabling the online status of chat on FB.

    7. If conversation is still happening, it's generally about him. No real interest in what you're doing or have to say. Maybe an obligatory, "how are you?" and not really caring what the answer is.

    8. He says he needs space with no real time line or explanation as to why.

    9. You see him different places and he doesn't really acknowledge you or seem excited to see you.

    10. These are all just things that MAY indicate pushing away but aren't necessarily gospel.

    **Get her to flat out ask him.


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  • Them putting thier hands on you and saying 'shooo, be gone, remove yourself from my presence'... this is a semi-clear indicator


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  • if they block you off facebook and myspace

    if they never pick up when you call and never call back when you leave a message

    if they see you and they tell you they never have time to hang out when you ask them to hang out

    if you see them and you go out they seem disinterested in everything you are saying and they look busy like they are about to leave you and go do something else

    stuff like that

    or they are constantly telling you they like some other girl (if it is with a SO type relationship)