Girl seems comfortable and friendly, but then cold?

So I met her on vacation in a friends group :

Since the beginning she was very comfortable with me :
• A few hours after we met we were seated on the ground, she pressed her knee against mine (both uncovered) and left it for 4 minutes. She didn't say "sorry", nor move it away. She had plenty of room to move.
• Happened again a few days later : she brushed her arm against mine (both uncovered) and didn't move it away, nor say anything, and stayed like that for a few minutes.
I didn't see her doing such things with others, but I think once I saw her arm brushing a good friend of her, but she instantly moved it away.
• A few times our fingers brushed against while passing things, she didn't say "sorry" nor seemed embarrassed.
• She was friendly and talkative with me : she came first to ask me personal questions
• Once, I was reading alone in a room, she came and proposed me a coffee. She made one for her and one for me, and sat down near me to talk to me, until someone else came in the room.
• I know she talked about me with friends, because once she told me "so I was told that you like this"

But the last 2 days we were together with friends, she seemed more cold :
• she didn't initiate much convo with me, seemed to ignore me in front of friends, and even laughed at me in front of them
• A few times I saw her looking at me : sometimes she just maintained her stare then looked away (no smile), sometimes she looked away as soon as she saw I saw her.
• A few times I initiated the stare, and smiled at her : then she would also smile and look away almost instantly
• When we said goodbye, she hugged me and told me "I guess we'll see each other again soon !"

I texted her 2 weeks later, but she seemed cold. She answered back, but didn't make effort to maintain the convo. I also talked about a drink we would take together in a few weeks (for now we are in separate towns) and she simply answered "yass" (no punctuation).

Does she like me? Why did she change her behaviour?
Girl seems comfortable and friendly, but then cold?
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