Did he have a crush on me?

I moved from A to B, when I was in 5th grade. My new school was good. I made a best friend- Anna (not real name). I was good with academics, and everything was going good. I had a crush on a boy- Chris, who I knew had a crush on me too. Chris was not good at academics, but he was from the same religion as me (my religion is a minority and I think I liked him only cause of that). 5 months from the time when I first entered the school, I was sitting in the cafeteria. In our school, each class had to sit on one long dining table. Chris was sitting beside the person sitting in front of me. I was half staring at him, and he was making jokes and everybody was laughing. Suddenly, the girl beside me- Elle, who I wanted to be friends with, but didn't get the chance to ask her since she was one of the bad kids, and I was kept away from her, tells me that Chris is a jerk, and he's used pick up lines on girls, in school. I was shocked, I was starting to lose my crush. I monitored his behaviour, and turns out he was a jerk. One day, Anna tells me a boy- Jake, (who I'd never noticed cause of Chris) had a crush on me. Soon, we had our half-yearly exams, and on the day of the parent-teacher meet, the children were allowed to go spend time together while the elders talked. That is when Elle also tells me that Jake has a crush on me. I had now noticed Jake. After the PTM, our teacher changed our seats, and now, I (being the lucky girl that I am) was sitting next to Jake. We were getting along great. I was pretty sure he liked me. We had similar interests, I liked how he looked, etc. Some months later, he sort of started to ignore me, and that is when another rumour came about- a boy- Isaac, had a crush on Anna. Anna told me she wasn't interested. A month later, another rumour comes about- Jake has a crush on Anna. I saw the signs to- he wanted to switch club, he was laughing with her, etc. Anna wasn't interested. Jake did say Anna was like his sister. Did he have a crush on me?
Did he have a crush on me?
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