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Do you ask a persons age before flirting?

Im mainly referring to in person cause online we dont know wtf to believe lol. Before covid hit, Grocery stores, Movie Theaters, Gas Stations, Gamestop and the Walmart/Target/Best Buy game aisles were the hot spots in terms of meeting 🤣
But shit man. One super tall ass dude flirted one time (which im 5’2 so everybody damn tall compared to me lol) and we connected. Then he said “so what grade you in?” 💀 lmao the college team shirt he had on fooled tf out of me. After that day, i said nah let me meet mfs at the casino where i know for sure they’re 21+ 🤣
And then, old men be following me around at the grocery store. They just go “Aye little mama.” Like no old man stop 😂 One dude said, you in college based off that shirt. I ran to the nearest old lady and said “Mommy why is that man talking to me. Tell him under 18.” Sorry im petty af 🤣 Get this, this mf goes “Well since she's too young, how old are you (to the old lady).” 😭 Pimp shit

Do you ask a persons age before flirting?
#FeelFreeToList #AgeIsMoreThanANumber
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Yea a lot of people clearly not getting it. The point is that a lot of people are way younger than they look. Fuck around and end up messing with jailbait if you want to. 🤣 Nahh man fuck that
Do you ask a persons age before flirting?
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