Did my crush subtly reject me?

It was my last day seeing this girl. After meeting we would joke with each other, I’d giggle and she would talk to me. At first she was kind of tough and I thought she was more serious when she teased me.
she's only 22. She still has a fun side. She’s told other coworkers that she “loves”them and will joke but for me it’s different.

feelings started rolling in she eventually started letting me know she cared. I was dating a guy and I used to text him at work and once I put my phone down and sighed and she said that was an interesting sigh. I’ve said before that him and I argued a lot. Once I came into work irritable and she asked me what was wrong and why I wasn’t talking to her and I could tell her. She asked me twice. I always talk to this one coworker and once I caught her glaring at us and another time she asked if something was what her and I had been talking about.

She started to become bothered with me texting and calling my boyfriend at work and started telling the other managers. Once I called him during closing hours and she still told me to hangup and told on me.

I was mad at her and she was showing another coworker who I had been talking to a pic of a life size doll and she said it was the same size as (my name ) then laughed and came over and touched my arm.
She recently got a promotion at another job so she’s leaving.

Last week she handed me inventory and told me she was giving it to me because she cared about me.

The other day I told her to stop singing ( joking ) and she said she was gonna come over to my place late at night and sing me to sleep.

Today was the last day. She told my other manager that she wanted to take a pic with me. She wanted to take an individual pic with everyone even me but my crush thinks I hate her because of the phone thing.

We took a pic and she grabbed my whole body and hugged me close to her. She’s gonna send it to the work group chat. Why would she ask for a pic of she thinks I hate her?
Did my crush subtly reject me?
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