My boyfriend doesn't compliment me?

When my boyfriend & I first started dating he used to tell me how beautiful I was & compliment me. We've only been dating 5 months & he doesn't do it anymore. I'm starting to feel less desired because he'll be quick to say oh she has on a nice dress about another girl, but he never tells me that I look nice, or that I'm beautiful. I've told him about it & asked him why & all he did was try & make me feel bad by saying, "Oh, I wasn't aware you NEEDED that." The fact is everyone needs to be reminded that their significant other still finds them attracted or notices when they try to dress up. that's why I make it a point to always tell him that I think he looks nice or something positive like that. Today, he said that what was the point of telling me how I look since we're already dating, and I know that he's mine. It makes me feel bad because I always feel like he notices other girls except me. Recently, a guy from my past has been trying to contact me nonstop & I can't help but to be reminded of the way he used to always tell me I looked nice, and how beautiful I was. I wish my boyfriend would listen to me & not make me beg because it makes me feel pathetic. Sorry for the rambling, but what should I do? & any thoughts?
My boyfriend doesn't compliment me?
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