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Do “flirty friends” ever lead to anything?


So I’ve been messaging this girl for a few days and she said that we’re better off friends because I don’t know how to be dominant. Then she sends me a video of her smoking listening to a song and making suggestive moves. Then she was like “what do you think?” And then I told her I thought she was hot. She was like “you should say this” and proceeded to make flirts. And when I did that she liked it. So I asked her “do I have a chance with you or no?” And she said “flirty friends”. To which I said “I need an answer lol” and she said “flirty friends”. So now I’m confused. Do I have a chance with her or not? In your experience does “flirty friends” ever lead to something more

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Do “flirty friends” ever lead to anything?
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