Should I continue to pretend as if he doesn't exist?

OK, whenever I see the guy I have liked for the past two years, but haven't gotten the guts to speak, though we have spoken before in 8th and 9th grade, to I'll just look dead ahead and pretend as if I don't see him. I remember walking down the hall the other day after leaving the library, where lately we have both been spending our lunch period, and we were walking on the opposite side of the hallway even though we were heading in the same direction. I could slightly see him turning his head to look at me, then out of impulse I turned my head to look at him and he was just staring straight ahead at nothing. His face was blank like usual.

So, I have decided to pretend as if he doesn't exist in hopes of getting over him since I know any form of relationship wouldn't be good for us. We are two completely different personalities, I'm a quiet girl with odd hair and no friends and he is the popular jock with a million friends and a friendly personality along with the blond cheerleader girlfriend. I sit in the library to get away from the loud noise of the commons, I hate loud noise if it's not music, and just read and occasionally talk to a guy from my history class and the schools tech support guy while he goes in their to hang out with friends.

Should I continue doing this? I still think of him a lot.

P.S. This is the fourth day that I've pretended he doesn't exist and he stopped coming into the library, though, this could likely just be a coincidence
Should I continue to pretend as if he doesn't exist?
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