Sleeping with my personal trainer...oops!

So for months, my PT and I were flirting with each other. We went out on some innocuous dates and kissed. For several months after, nothing happened. Then we hooked up (yes, had sex). This happened approximately 3 times over the course of 5 weeks. The last time involved a sleep over. That was over 3 weeks ago, during which time we're still training, but plans to hang out always seem to "fall through" or he's "too busy" with work.

I find myself in quite a dilemma because I really enjoy working out with him. I actually tried a different trainer for awhile, but he wasn't nearly as effective. I have months worth of sessions left and I really like this guy but it's pissing me off that he seems to run hot & cold. I also got extremely annoyed when he asked me to keep "us" a secret from his co-worker who trained me temporarily. My reaction was "us? what us?"

I know the easy thing to do is make a clean break and leave the gym (eat my losses). However, I also made the foolish mistake (prior to sleeping with him) of getting financially tied down by him for the next 5 years (long story). So I am REALLY stuck!

Any advice on how to salvage the situation without getting totally f*&%ed?
Sleeping with my personal trainer...oops!
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