Is he texting me because he feels sorry for me? (really long Q)

My ex was a total jerk after our break up (and I didn't handle it well, I was very emotional) but he always stressed the fact that I was a really good friend and he wanted to stay that way, I said "no" and didn't talk to him. but after a while I wanted to have closure and realized that the relationship wasn't good for me and I didn't really need him as a boyfriend and we were much healthier as platonic friends. just to help the final process of me moving on... I wrote him a good bye letter, explaining how he could have handled the situation better and how he hurt me. And I felt much better and then...he texted me to say he read the letter and felt horrible and we sort of talked over why he was wrong and what we both did wrong. I said "you didn't treat me well, and its weird getting used to the fact that we're not together and you're not in love with me anymore. But I'm fine" So He mentioned he "thought he was over me but then realized he definitely wasn't" Then he asked if I hated him and wanted him to leave me alone forever. I said "no, your behavior was poor and you didn't value as a person in our relationship, but in general I think you're an amazing person in other regards and you have lots of potential and I hoped he didn't feel horrible because I forgave him." He said he did, and that he did think about my feelings but things just went out of control and he'd acted selfishly. He said he missed me. I explained to him I wished we could talk like normal because we hadn't in a while, and I don't text him because I don't want to bother him. He said "I've just been busy and you just seemed so angry with me"

we started to chat. It was awkward, and kinda pointless it dragged on, very superficial. Then he said "I'm sorry I didn't mean to take up your time do you have to go to_____ (an activity I have planned on schedule every week)

I said yes "I'll text you later to ask about your new class"

After I was all done, the next day I texted him to say "hows your class" and we just sort of chatted back and forth, for hours. Finally I was just like "I just wanted to see what you were up to, I don't expect to monopolize your time like I used to, feel free to stop talking anytime"

He said "No, I don't mind" We texted more, with lots of gaps. Short texts on both our part. Finally he just didn't reply 20mins later I say "bye! Have fun at your party tomorrow!"

His reply was sorry for the wait, I was...(doing something)

I replied "no problem, I didn't mean to take up so much of your evening"

He said "no, my name! I never mind talking to a friend :)

I said "acquaintance cough, cough lol" (which is our running joke)

Obviously no reply, So Is he talking to me because he feels sorry for me? And if so how do I get him to stop because I do care about him but don't want to continue contact if he just wants to "be nice" or if it makes him feel better about his awful behavior. I forgave him and don't mind being friends. What do you think he's feeling?
Is he texting me because he feels sorry for me? (really long Q)
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