What are the qualities of a "fantasy girl"?

So I spent the weekend at a place where this great guy works, and on my last night there, while he was closing the place up, he told me that I was irresistibly attractive. I laughed it off, thinking that he was just being nice since I was the only female under 40 and over 21 in the place all weekend. The third time I shoved the comment aside as flirtatious banter, he leaned over the bar counter and said he usually can't wait to get out of the place, which closes at 10pm, and there we were, chatting it up at 1am. I started to go, thinking that I was bothering him and keeping him from getting home, but he asks me what I'm doing the following morning. I told him I was free after 9am and he said he'd call in the morning. I started to walk away and turned to find him staring at me (LOL). "Are you okay?" he asks me. "Yeah. You're sure I'm not keeping you from something tomorrow?" He smiled. "Sweetie, even if you were, I'd cancel whatever that was. You're like every guy's fantasy girl." I must have given him a "yeah, right" look, because he walked over to where I was standing (towering over me at 6'4) and looked down. "Let me put it this way. The only reason I stayed behind the counter all night was to keep my hands off you, okay?" I went up to my room, thinking he was just feeding me a line (which guys tend to do that a lot.).

Within five minutes, he called to check that I'd made it to my room alright and said he'd call again in the morning if I didn't need anything. He texted me right on time the next morning, asking if I was still interested, figuring "it was just the Patron talking" and surprised that "a girl like you would actually go out with a guy like me."

Long story short, we had an AMAZING day, and he told me he felt like the luckiest guy alive to have had this time with me. It was nuts -- completely the opposite of what I get from guys on a regular basis and I told him so, but he told me they're just saving face because they can't imagine I'd really be interested in them.

Usually guys tend to think I'm married/someone's girlfriend, saying that "a girl like you can't possibly be single" right to my face. I wonder what qualities a "fantasy girl" has that guys find so irresistible... and apparently intimidating.
What are the qualities of a "fantasy girl"?
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