Women: are women attracted to innocent boyish guys?

Okay. I'll start by saying this isn't a "nice guys vs. a**holes" question. I'm a good respectful guy who isn't a pleaser or pushover. And that's all I have to say about that.

I look very masculine on the outside, but I'm soft on the inside. I have the mind of a man. But on a deeper level, on a sexual level maybe, I feel like a little boy. And I'm wondering if that's a liability.

To quickly sum up my life story:

I used to be shy, awkward, really humble, nervous in social situations, and I never had a lot of experience with women in my life. I've learned to be more social and I'm much more extroverted now. But still, inside, there's still a little bit of the timid me.

So I'm really good at conversating with women, but I still have that boyish innocence about me.

I know women will think that's cute and I'm a cool guy to chill with, but for the long term, I want a relationship with the right one. And I'm afraid she'll pass me up because even though I'm a cool guy, I'm too innocent to attract her on a deeper level.

Okay, I'm not an innocent person, far from it. But I'm a boyish virgin. I have the mind of an adult, but the life experience of a 14 year old. I just have this part of me that thinks she would never actually go nuts over me sexually or ever have dirty thoughts about me.

I don't want to be a manwhore or base my validation on that, but I do want to be appreciated in a sexual way, by a woman. Otherwise, I feel like too much of a boy. And I want to become a man in that sense.

Your thoughts?
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THE QUESTION: What can I do, what traits can I add to myself, to add that depth so I can be taken seriously in a sexual way.
Women: are women attracted to innocent boyish guys?
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