How to know if a girl likes you online?

I have this girl's email.. I met her in person and I can't quite ask her out now cause I don't live in the same city (pretty far away). So what would be the most common signs of her possibly liking me when talking on messenger?


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  • Since my girlfriend and I get close online (even though we had known each other before), I can tell you what she used one me:

    1. She would often start conversations online, and use a lot of exclamation points and capitalized words, as if she was excited to talk to me. Example: "HEY!"

    2. She also started calling me terms of endearment. She started calling me "honey" out of the blue.

    3. Used a lot of emoticons, such as <3 , :) , etc.

    4. Long responses. If I'd ask how she was, it wasn't a "good" or "nm" , it was detailed, like; "I went shopping with my sister this morning, then studied for my medical ethics class, and now I am watching tv!"

    5. Then she started to get more serious. Our conversations became deeper, and she started to show sympathy for me.

    6. On that note, she started to ask about previous relationships, if I was in one, etc, as well as talking about her past relationships.

    7. She asked a lot of questions about me, my life, my future goals, etc.

    8. She kicked up a notch even further, she started to hint of a future of us together. I thought she was kidding, but later I learned, she was serious.

    9. Then finally, one day, she dropped the bomb; "I feel close to you" and "I want to be in your life"

    Also, our conversations would last for hours. It wasn't like a 15 minute thing, where she would then stop talking and sign off, it would last for 5 hours or so.

    That's when it all took off, and now I have a wonderful relationship with her. In fact, we don't talk as much online anymore, as we now see each other often and call.

    • If they liked you, would they sometimes still say stuff like nm or good?


    • My girlfriend never did that, I would think about how it is said in context. If she just says nm or good, and that's all, then either she really isn't that eager to talk to you, or there is something on her mind. My girlfriend would always say it more enthusiastically, like "Good!!" as opposed to "good"

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  • if I like a guy and if I am chatting with online, I would be: most of the time especially during the times he comes online

    2. start conversations

    3. ask him questions to let the conversation going

    4. flirt/joke with him

    5. make plans about where would we meet next I am in his city or when he is in mine

    6. just chat with him even if there are other friends online(my response to his questions wil be fast)

    hope it helps!

  • Most likely, she'll be quick to respond to your ims/emails because she'll want to talk to you. She'll start the conversation and ask lots of questions about your day. Also, she'll probably use a lot of exclamation points and especially smiley faces. Another big clue is her opening line.. like if she says "Heyyyyyyyyyyyy" instead of "hey what's up?", that's a pretty good sign that she's excited to talk to you and interested in you. That's what I do anyway :)

    • Haha I've never thought about the heyyyyyyy thing but I do that lol most people get 'hey' but if I like them my finger gets stuck on the 'y' key :)

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  • I can tell you that for me it was she would start messaging me every time she logged on, and how we could be in a party chat with a lot of friends and and still just be messaging each other during that time. by how easy it was to make her laugh I mean I see lol a a lot and a lot of smiley faces and a lot of sad ones when one of us had to leave, and when I told her that she was my perfect girl she would blush and that I can make her blush. also friends of ours said she would talk good tings about me. I don't know exactly how but when were texting or chatting or just playing games I could just sense how she felt as if she was there even though were like a 17 hour drive apart it feels like she right in front of me, and also What Really let m know was when she told me that was a real good sign but I could tell way before just was glad to hear it to be 100% sure rather than like 99.9% .

  • well depends on the girl but basically how they respond. interested will be a long response or well detailed vs a non interested is just "oh I'm fine" or "nm u? " to give you an example. but really just because your in different city's doesn't matter. and belive me I doubt you are as far as me and my girlfriend but yet her and I are closer than any couple I know. it all depends on your communication trust and patience. if you can do thoes 3 things well you will be able to make the relationship work. and belive me if it lasts long distance then there is almost no obstical during your relationship that is too big for both of you to be able to handle later on in the relationship. but if you start things with her and have any questions about how to keep it going while being miles apart just feel free to ask and good luck to you!

  • The following points are true, especially if she doesn't know that well or if she only knows you at an acquaintance level. (you're not good friends with her or anything)

    - she sends you long, detailed responses

    - even though she doesn't have to respond to every single one of your messages, she still responds

    - you also have to take in consideration how she checks her emails. just because she didn't respond doesn't mean that she's disinterested. it could mean that she doesn't really check her email or it just went into her spam folder.

    -she uses a lot of emotes, exclamation points, and asks you questions. (if she does that a lot, then she definitely likes you a lot!)

    -she shows some concern /sympathy for you (but that's hard to tell, because you need the other indicators of interest)

    can't think of anything else now,...

    - she goes off tangents, talks about random, off-topic things.

    • Oh yeah if you start to talk about female friends then she starts to mention love

  • Why would you want to have a girl that lives miles away like you?

    Get something in your near vicinity man.

    • Well because the invention of planes allows humans to globe trot hence the fact you can now go for any girl in any country. The phrase broaden your horizons springs to mind. Why is it people assume they will find the girl of their dreams just down the road from them when there is an entire world out there.