Should I meet this girl I met online or not? HELP?

So I met this girl in my area on facebook that wants me to come over to her house and talk and see if we hit it off. NO SEX GUARANTEED. we are both virgins and she's 20 and I can tell is real because of her facebook and I've been texting her.

Anyways I'm a virgin and I get crap for it all the time by my friends, and I'm afraid if I go over to her place and get head or something like that my friends could find out that I hooked up with a girl who's kinda overweight. I'd get ripped on if I ever let it out that I got my first bj, because then they'd want to know from who?

What do you think? any advice about me going over to her place for coffee and seeing what happens? How should I handle all of this?

she already said she would meet me in public

IM sick of not getting any action ever...and I try

i know she's real cause she's friends with some I don't kno at my school...they graduated together
Should I meet this girl I met online or not? HELP?
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