Guys: when you meet a girl you met online, what do you do if she doesn't look as good as her pics?


So I'm a girl who is short, and a bit fuller figured (I'm at the higher end of my BMI although I do work out because I love some meat on me ;) ). I also have various shallow pockmarks on my face from my battle with acne during my teenage years, which has also left my skin texture a bit roughened up. And I have slightly crooked teeth, with one fang that protrudes out a little bit when I smile, as well as dandruffy hair. And I'm working on improving all of these, if not completely remove them.

Despite all of these, I still consider myself an attractive person, but more so because of my personality rather than looks (I'm a smart, happy, cheerful and friendly person), and if someone asks me whether I think I was pretty or not, I'd rather much answer I'm cute and sweet :P. Although I have crooked teeth and the fang, I still think my best physical feature is my smile because I absolutely <3 my dimples! :D. And I do take care of my appearance, but not so much on putting on make-up though. Some people have told me that I am sweet, pretty, cute and stuff, but they usually only say this after they've known me for a while.

In real life, I have absolutely no confidence problems in socializing because like I said I'm friendly and cheerful and people get to see the 'real' me. But I get scared of meeting people online because those who say they're attracted to me haven't even met the physical me yet, which I'm scared will turn them off. I mean, my pictures do look good and cute because I put on a bit of effort but I never photo-shopped any of them, but still in them my imperfections are not highlighted, eg I don't show my teeth when I smile, partly because I want to emphasize my dimples.

So I'm a bit scared if I meet guys I met online they'd think I tricked them like, "hey, she doesn't even look like her in her pics!". Some of them have asked me out, but I never said yes because of this reason. I do tell them though that I don't look exactly like my pic and I have lots of physical imperfections, and they say things like, "that's okay, I don't care, you have a good personality." I mean, do you guys actually mean that? What do you do if the girl doesn't turn out to be what you expected of her physically and visually? Should I be scared or just try and say yes if someone asked in the future?


Guys: when you meet a girl you met online, what do you do if she doesn't look as good as her pics?
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