Why do guys check out other chicks when it hurts their girl?

One of the questions that often boggle my mind is when men ask questions like: "Why do women get so mad when I check out other chicks?"

First off, I want to say that as a bisexual female, I love looking at ladies--and attractive men too. Me and my husband check out women all the time- he doesn't mind if I fixate on a hot male celeb either though, so there is no double standard.

BUT. And here is the caveat--there is a line people. Come on.

Many of the guys in question are practically chasing down the girl they are lusting after down the street with their tongues hanging out.

Now, lets flip that around--say your girlfriend was doing that to some hunk of man. You would be pissed.

I mean--men hate to think of their girl even talking to another man, let alone ogling him.

As one man pointed out women look too--but we do so respectfully--we aren't chasing the men down or comparing you two together in front of your face.

That is crude rude and insensitive--period.

I mean, it is these very same men who will say they want to date other people, but freak out when their girl starts seeing someone else.


Humans are going to admire other attractive humans--but when we are with someone, the trick is to do it in a way that isn't disrespectful to the person you are with, period. People who don't understand this concept should enjoy a life of being alone.

In the end, it is about how much you care about your partner. Does the need to look at other women supersede your desire to make him or her feel comfortable? If it does, then leave.

If my husband told me tomorrow that he wants me to only have eyes at him, no looking at guys or girls, I would happily do it, because my relationship with him means more than my desire to look at other people.

I love and respect him so I care about how he feels.

If you care more about the ability to look, than your woman's feelings then this says a lot about how you feel about your girl.
Why do guys check out other chicks when it hurts their girl?
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