5 Favorite Foods That Help Define Summer


Time for another fun Summer related Take! We all have our favorite treats that we like to enjoy on those hot days. Here are some of mine.

Fruit Salad

5 Favorite Foods That Help Define Summer

Sweet. Juicy. Healthy. Delicious. Need I say more?

Homemade Lemonade

5 Favorite Foods That Help Define Summer

Lemons. Sugar. Water. Simple and refreshing. My mom makes the best.

Funnel Cake

5 Favorite Foods That Help Define Summer

Warm. Soft. Fluffy. Sprinkled with sugar, salt boardwalk favorite.

BBQ Food

5 Favorite Foods That Help Define Summer

Seasoned. Grilled. Sauced. Nothing says summer more than a BBQ.

Water Ice

5 Favorite Foods That Help Define Summer

Cold. Icy. Convenient. Whether you lick it or spoon it, it's a guaranteed way to cool down.

And that brings us to the end. Enjoy!


5 Favorite Foods That Help Define Summer
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  • W31rd0
    Lemonade must have sugar to balance the sourness of the lemon juice.
    Funnel cake has sugar. Water ice has sugar.

    Way too much added sugar for me. They probably have food additives, preservatives, and food coloring too.

    Barbecue is carcinogenic. Let's just hope you eat your vegetables to protect you from the cancer-causing agents.

    The only sweet thing of value is the fruit salad, as long as you don't put added sugar of any variety on top of the fruits.
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    • Good thing these are summer favorites of mine. And everything causes cancer these days. But I get my vegetables in, no worries.

    • Tank2


    • J1020

      You could add honey to the lemonade to replace the sugar, haven't tried it yet but Im sure its good.
      The fruit salad shouldn't need any added sugar tho, its already sweet enough. I know some people add some milk creme to it, not necessary at all.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Fathoms77
    I could pretty much live on fruit salad.

    But only if it has watermelon in it. :)
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    • I enjoy watermelon, but not in fruit salad for some reason.

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  • BeeNee
    My one and only food choice at festivals is funnel cake. Everything else is definitely a must have on a regular basis. Thank goodness I have a fruit salad supplier in my friends mom. She will sit and cut up fruit for the hugest fruit salads and put some kind of juice on them that makes everything taste super fruit delicious.
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    • My mom makes good fruit salad too. It's always so fresh and flavorful

  • eternalblisss
    I kind of hate all of them except maybe the funnel cake, which I'll have a bite of, but no more. For me, summer food is a big scoop of ice cream in a waffle cone, sweet and juicy peaches, cold beer out on a patio, caprese salad, and apfelschorle :)
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  • OleMissMiss
    LOVE fruit salad! A personal favorite! But you left off iced tea! I guess that's just a Southern thing...
    Cool myTake
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    • Lol thanks! I'm not a huge fan of iced tea unless it's the powder kind you mix up 🙈

    • J1020

      Yes ice tea, love it.

  • Hidden_P
    Screw food, give me a swimming pool of ice water.

    Not used to this kind of heat. Highest recorded in my area today was 43C. Not cool man.
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    • Oh most definitely. We've been having a heatwave going on 2 week now. I can't take the heat AND humidity.

    • Hidden_P

      Eurgh I hate hot weather with a passion. I hate sticky, muggy weather, I hate dry heat with no breeze. I hate sweating even though I haven't moved.
      I don't get why people bum summer. You're hot, smelly, sticky, don't sleep, don't cuddle, appetite is gone, and it gives you cancer if you even step outside. It's bullshit!!! #HardcoreSummerHater

    • Lmaooo poor thing. Come, hug me child. *opens arms*

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  • EmpatheticLady
    This was a great myTake... too great. Now I want it all. 😭
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  • J1020
    Damn the first one is the BEST!
    Fruit salad is amazing, I could eat it alllll day. I might have to have some today or this week now 'cause is fucking hot over here.
    Lemonade yes, maybe some honey to replace the sugar tho. How do you make that ice for the ice water ice tho.
    @melme16 fruit salad is the best on a hot day.
    • melme16

      You with your fruit salad. Why dont you both get married already lol

  • alice55
    I like all but what's Funnel Cake? We don't have this in France
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    • Kind of like a pancake as far as flavor goes

    • alice55

      It's for that, we doesn't eat pancake either.

  • alphahillbilly
    Well for me it would be.
    Hot dogs
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  • Proof_Striker55
    I want fruit salad. Could you give me a fruit salad? :D
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  • zombiebabe
    yummy take!!
    i love fruit salad and lemonade <3
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  • ChocoLada
    I like fruit salads, especially with watermelon :D
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    • Lol I don't like watermelon in my fruit salad

    • ChocoLada

      Ok, how about pineapple? :P

    • Yes, but I think I have a slight allergy to pineapple

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  • PizzaPrincess
    Lemonade 😍
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    i want it all
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  • BarbieDollT
    Mmm yummy to all the above😋😊
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  • BigBallerSodaPop
    I eat the same no matter the season
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