5 Creative Christmas desserts, that’d make your Christmas dinner this year.. EXTRA Jolly :P

Hi everyone :D haven’t wrote a MyTake in what feels like ages, so here I am!

As Christmas is coming around the corner (faster than I expected it to be ‘:D) we’re all starting to prepare ourselves for Christmas. So.. here are 5 creative and cute (so to speak) :P Christmas desserts, that may make your Christmas an extra tad Jolly this year :)

1. Reindeer Cupcakes

Better than your typical cupcakes. Make a marshmallow frosting and complete by piping the eyes, a cherry as the nose and pretzels as the ears :D

5 Creative Christmas desserts, that’d make your Christmas dinner this year.. EXTRA Jolly :P

Cupcake recipe link: https://cooking.lovetoknow.com/basic-cupcakes-recipe

Marshmallow frosting link: https://cooking.lovetoknow.com/marshmallow-frosting-recipe

2. Strawberry Santa’s

Strawberries, piping bag and whipped cream are all you need to make these cute and adorable strawberry Santa’s! Definitely a big hit with the kids, maybe even for the kids who are also young at heart ;)

Strawberry Santa recipe link: https://www.leannebakes.com/2012/11/santa-strawberries.html

3. Cheesy Christmas Tree

This Christmas tree is edible! Just cut some block of cheeses in thick cubes, align them on the chopping board, use thyme springs, tear drop tomatoes to separate the cheese. Finish the top of the Christmas tree with a mushroom :P

Christmas tree recipe link: https://www.thenibble.com/reviews/main/cheese/cheese2/cheese-christmas-tree.asp

4. Melting Snowman Cookies

These are pretty cute, I may make these myself and share them with my neighbours. But these melting snowman cookies, are sure to melt some hearts :P bhaha (sorry I had to)..

Melting Snowman Cookie recipes link: https://www.bettycrocker.com/recipes/melted-snowman-sugar-cookies/91c4a274-78a1-4cba-b890-52563d6cd670

5. *BONUS* Guilt free and healthy Grinch Fruit Skewers

For something rather healthy and festive, these easy peasy Grinch fruit skewers will surely make you enjoy Christmas a tad more than the Grinch himself.

Chicken skewers, bananas, green grapes are all you need.

If you’re feeling a bit naughty, add marshmallows on the very top for a sweeter treat

Well there you have it!! Thank you for reading my MyTake :D

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  • Yum, yum and yum!

    Great take. I am very much into the cupcake

    You have influenced me to being hungry ;-)

    • Thank you howardque :)

    • Welcome, I just had a similar cupcake today after remembering this take and seeing one at the bakery!

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  • That was so cute those pics :-)

  • Aha I love doing the strawberries! And those Melting Snowman ones are cute!

    • I know right! I saw the melting snowman cookies and started to partially melt LOL I think they'd be great! I'd probably dedicate one day of my weekend baking 😍 And the strawberry Santas are cute! Delicious to! I think I would dip the body part into chocolate then put the white buttons on them. Just to give them a bit of a contrast.. Make them even more yummier >.<

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    • Eating food and making food? I think that's the best combination imaginable :P
      Yeah i'll definitely try out those melting snowman cookies, and see how they go :)

    • Even better because I don't like eating food really :P more for him lol

  • great

  • StrawberryMan are sooo cute :)) I love it ^^

  • Haha I think we share the same love of Pinterest 😜 Great selection tho

    • I just started to get more interest in pininterest (lol BLURGH what a mouthful 🙈🙊) but yeah they have some great things on there! I really want to make the melting snowman cookies lol 😂

    • https://pin.it/2gdaid2
      This is my Christmas section... take a look. Christmas is my favorite so I pin a lot for it 🙈 Haha

    • Omg! I know what I'm going to be browsing when I get home from work lol thanks! 🙊🙈☺️

  • great one

  • You're making me hungry babes 😭😂

    • I'm sowwyyyy :( here haz melting snowman cookies (*^_^*)