Weird Food Around the World - Hope You've Got a Strong Stomach!


WARNING : If you don't have a strong stomach don't read this!

Okay, so I hope you've got a strong stomach. If you're a person who travels around the world searching for all sorts of fascinating stuff, don't forget to have a look on these weird food. If you've tasted any of these don't forget to share your experience.

Casu Marzu - Italy

We all love pizza and lasagna, sometimes spaghetti too. But would we ever be able to enjoy a Carzu Marzu with a bottle of Italian wine? Casu Marzu is known as rotten cheese, which is made of Pecorino(A type of Italian cheese). When the cheese goes really bad maggots are added to it so that the person who eats it can enjoy a rotten cheese with maggots.

Weird food around the world - Hope you've got a strong stomach!

Balut - Philippines/Vietnam

Yeah, it's really - Yuck! The balut is a fermented egg with the partly developed embryo inside. I tis boiled alive and is eaten with salt, chilli, and vinegar. First, you've got to tap a hole on the top and then slurp the liquid out, next start eating.

Weird Food Around the World - Hope You've Got a Strong Stomach!

Boshintang - Korea

Well, enjoy a soup of dandelions, onions, a host of spices and dog meat! This is said to be popular among the older generation of Korea. "개고기 Gaegogi" is the Korean term for dog meat, and they have a festival for having dog meat where probably boshintang is being served.

Weird Food Around the World - Hope You've Got a Strong Stomach!

Shirako - Japan

So, there comes Japanese food. Shirako in Japanese means "White Children". Shirako is the sperm sacs of cods, angler fish or puffer fish. It is said to have a sweet custardy taste.

Weird Food Around the World - Hope You've Got a Strong Stomach!

Haggis - Scottland

What's this? Haggis is a Scottish food made from sheep's inside parts. This is actually a sheep's stomach tightly packed filled with sheep intestines, lungs, heart, liver, onion and some spices before it's boiled and served!

Weird Food Around the World - Hope You've Got a Strong Stomach!

Rotten eggs - China

Whatever the energy it gives, I don't want to eat it. These eggs are also known as hundred-year eggs or pidan. These eggs are been covered in clay, ash and salt for months, by which time the yolk is dark green and stinks of sulphur.

Weird Food Around the World - Hope You've Got a Strong Stomach!

Termites - South Africa

They say it tastes like carrots! Rural South Africans eat them to get some protein and you can find them fried and roasted, but usually consumed raw.

Weird Food Around the World - Hope You've Got a Strong Stomach!

Geoduck - Pacific

Whatever it looks like, forget about it. Pacific Geoduck is a species of very large edible saltwater clam. Geoduck is native to the west coast of North America. The shell of the clam ranges from 15 cm and is 20 cm in length. Couldn't find what it tastes like.

Weird Food Around the World - Hope You've Got a Strong Stomach!

So I hope you enjoyed the myTake about weirdest food. If you know any other weird food around the world or if you've tasted any of them please leave a comment to share your experiences with others.

Weird Food Around the World - Hope You've Got a Strong Stomach!
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  • Other_Tommy_Wiseau
    In some place in Africa (I think along lake Victoria), there's a time of year where literally billions of flies fly around the area. So much so that the sky is covered in flies. Well, the locals go out with nets and shit to catch them. They get a shit ton. Enough where they, then, make fly patties out of them and boil them. It looks absolutely disgusting, especially when you see them get eaten. They have stupid high amounts of protein (like 2x that of a burger), but still. I nearly vomited when I saw that shit 😖
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Cccgala
    This is going to sound odd: I've eaten balut. I only like it when salt is added. I only eat the yellow part and not the actual chick (based on the picture above).

    To me, balut with chili is the most disgusting combination ever. It doesn't go with the liquid substance that the fermented egg already has; my friends have tried it and I haven't. To me, it's just... odd.
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    • jp612612

      You've probably eaten the chick. That balut picture is pretty inaccurate and would be considered a bad balut. With an ideal balut, you can sort of visually make out the chick, but it's all a single piece and a single texture. There are no feathers, beaks, bones, etc. This is what I think of when I think of balut:

    • Cccgala

      That's a misconception.

      That's a picture of the "penoy"; it's also a duck egg with an embryo that hasn't developed into a chick yet. The "ideal balut" you are referring to actually describes what the penoy is.

      The balut is a duck egg with the embryo already developed into a duckling/chick and is weeks away from hatching at the time of boiling the egg.

      In my place, the penoy is more of a bestseller than the balut because the embryo is still underdeveloped. Like me, people are also disgusted with the chicks found in balut eggs. Hence, whenever I eat balut, I remove the chick itself before eating the yellow part. Eating penoy is more of a convenience because there's no developed chick yet.

    • jp612612

      Hmm... maybe. I've purchased balut from the Asian grocery store here and it always looks like that picture after cooking it. There's never a visible chick, just lots of veins and stuff.

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  • BeerFarts
    I've had the balut and rotten eggs and I thought they were delicious!

    As for the other foods on the list, I am not put off one bit. I'm very open minded when it comes to food so I wouldn't hesitate to try all of them!

    Good MyTake!
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    • DarkBlack9

      Thank you! And enjoy if you get a chance to have some :)

  • Quintessence
    From this list, I've only eaten Haggis and Geoduck. But I've also had lamb brain, cooked worms, live octopus, alligator, and snake.
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    • DarkBlack9

      what does snake and alligator meat taste like?

    • ChgzDaniel

      Alligator is to die for. Sorry just had to say that because I thought it was super yummie

    • Alligator is amazing, practically melts in your mouth. The snake meat was chewy, and I didn't particularly like the texture, but that might've been the way it was prepared.

  • TheINTJ
    Would try all but the first one.

    I've actually had some of these. Pidan is century egg, not rotten egg — neither name meant to be taken literally, and it's actually a favorite of mine. It was about the only kind of egg I would willingly eat back when I still had a general dislike for eggs. It's absolutely delicious with some soy sauce.
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  • DarthLadyKiller
    I have had haggis, you did not tell them hat it tastes like. It is amazing! I think it would be great on a pizza. It tastes like they took beef and turned it into sausage meat. Here are some other foods you have forgotten: Singed ram's head complete with eyeballs- Iceland, Shark meat that has been buried under the ground for months- Iceland, pickled ram's testicles- Iceland, Durian fruit - Philippines which is a custard tasting fruit that smells like faecal matter, no lie, lutefisk- Norway which is fish pickled in lye, fermented monkey brains- South American wedding tradition.
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    • DarkBlack9

      I've eaten durian fruit, I don't like it

    • AlphaGhost

      I have tasted that idiot fruit to, taste like expired milk and smells like total shit but very rich in vitamins and local medicine for fever (that actually works).

  • Mi2mi2a
    Man, if I tell you hat I eat.
    I like lamb's brains or goats or cows.
    I've eaten snails they are delicious. :P
    I like eating lamb's, goat's or cows testicales. I like it grilled then added with salt and cumin. It's really delicious lol :D I have an inside joke with my friends over this.(well it's pretty obvious)
  • TheLuckyPizzaDog
    I eat pidan congee for breakfast sometimes. You dont eat the whole egg, you chop it up into small pieces. Its just like a bit tougher than normal boiled eggs.
    I've also had shirako, didn't taste custardy but also because i get it in Korean hotpot so that might be why.
    • DarkBlack9

      what does pidan taste like?

    • Not that much different from a normal egg, really. Just a bit funky but it's not like eating solid fart or something. Tbh you don't even really taste much of a difference when its cooked with other things.

  • iFarted
    geoduck is hella good!
    Id eat everything except the cheese with maggots. id eat the cheese without the maggots though.
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  • ChgzDaniel
    I have eaten haggis before and it's a lot like a sausage crossed with a burger. Highly decremented.
    I also like clams, but I don't fancy eating one as big at that one.
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  • Izumiblu
    Pidan are not rotten eggs... they do smell of sulfur but he'll boiled eggs smell of sulfur... they aren't bad... I've eaten vault before... looks way worse than the taste
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  • YourGranny
    I could ear shirako, haggis, termites (cooked) and geoduck (which probably tastes like regular seafood) but there's no way I'm getting close to any of the rest
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  • Paris13
    May I add to your Long List Here, dear?
    When I had Lived out in Egypt, Baby Pigeon from the Barn Above, love, was a Specialty and a Delicacy and very Good, but Gamey.
    Do as the Romans Do when Traveling or don't Go, Joe. lolxx
  • rxm_bxl
    I've eaten Mopane worms, they are great. They're a traditional food for one of the tribes here back home in Namibia
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  • HereToProveMyPoint
    Pretty sure only one of these is vegetarian, and for that one I say no. The meat ones are a no brainer, however there are a few I'd have liked to try if I did eat meat
  • Personontheinternet
    I've been watching Bizzare Foods ever since I was a little kid. I'm not even phased by this.
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  • Mishthefish
    I would never be able to stomach these foods >They all look super gross. The weirdest thing I ever ate was escargot (snails).
  • MackFreeze
    Glad you had balut on here! Man, imagine if other countries thought eating a hamburger was disgusting? That would be interesting!

  • TripleAce
    Balut is by far the most nastiest thing ever
    I rather have a fried termite than balut

    Cod Sperm sacks lol... where do they come up with this nonsense lol
    • AlphaGhost

      Well you will be amazed the idiot is you cuz it can treat the male reproductive disorders and doctors recommend it in the world.

    • TripleAce

      @AlphaGhost I'll pass everything lol... worst ever haha

    • TripleAce

      I'll def pass on balut lol.. wth... a partially grown chicken lol are you mad

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  • DonkeyRick69
    Always with the Haggis. Haggis isn't weird it's pretty tasty. I also enjoy eel pie, pig ears and trotters
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  • Himig_Ng_Pag-ibig
    I've eaten Balut, the pic is fake though. Balut have no delevoped formed head, neck and body.. Hence that's why there is still that yellow thingy.

    From the list I want to try haggis
  • Phoenix98
    I've eaten some things just as weird and I could eat some of the things on that list, most though I would prefer not to.
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