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Please, Be patient with restaurant workers.

Please, Be patient with restaurant workers.

Right now in the US, we are experiencing a major shortage of workers in the restaurant industry.

Many states are fully reopening with little to no restrictions. This means restaurants and bars are fully reopening as well. We are having to forego operations with a bare minimum staff.

This means a lot of us are getting little to no time off, working double shifts, and sometimes not getting time to breathe.

Us cooks work in sometimes 100+ degree heat frying, grilling, and broiling your food for your enjoyment. It is very exhausting for us. We are trying to stay hydrated so we can keep cooking for you.

If you have any special requests for your food, please let your servers know before we cook it. We try our best to please the customers.

Please don't be upset when the host tells you it's gonna be a wait even though there are empty booths and tables.

Servers work for very little money, so make sure you are patient with them, and please tip them at least 10%.

Please, if you're going to be bringing in a party or a group larger than 8 people, please let staff know in advance so we can make arrangements and prepare for orders. Nothing is more overwhelming than to have a party of 13 or 16 come in at just one random time.

Please be patient and know that service may be a little slower and your food might not get to you right away. We want you to have fun and enjoy the food that you paid for, but please keep in mind that we restaurant workers are not robots.

People keep leaving and walking out on us. That makes it unfair for us who have to pull doubles and 7 straight days a week. Last week I had to literally request to have the day off because we had no time to make a schedule although the manager had said they were going to. We just lost our general manager, and are hiring a new one. We are getting a lot of new managers and workers. Just in the month I've been there, I have seen a lot of people and managers just come and go, including the GM that hired me on. Sometimes with no warning or no signs that they are leaving.

So please, keep we restaurant workers in your thoughts and keep in mind we are doing what we can.

Please, Be patient with restaurant workers.
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  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    Thanks for sharing your MyTake, yes people seem like they don't want to work
    I was recently down at our local Fox Pizza Den that just opened and I was told
    that they had a delivery driver on Monday but that was it and then they got one
    for Friday so yes things are bad for business and I've noticed that there is little
    business at our local Family Dollar but the one Woman who is a cancer survivor
    she seems to be nasty at times so few people don't like shopping there they instead
    go across the street to Dollar General so yeah I was in Dollar General when i
    overheard people in their talking and saying there was no way they were going
    over there I feel that all around people are losing business and I wouldn't be
    surprise one of the dollar stores will shut down or someone could take them
    over such as Dollar tree really hard to say?
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  • exitseven
    Yes, your waitress is probably working twice as many tables and there is only one person working in the kitchen.
    My wife and I went out to eat at our favorite place. The service was terrible and I could hear people from other tables start to complain. I made sure to give the waitress a good tip.
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Most Helpful Girls

  • PaynefulPleasures
    Back in my younger years I remember being a waitress hard work, rude customers sometimes, perverts, others ungrateful, relentless hrs, but there are some customers that make your job more pleasurable. I totally agree with everything you said, please people show a little respect ✌️
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  • RobieMon
    I work at the chick fil a kitchen and it’s a lot of stress, even worse when people decide to change their orders when it’s already made.
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    • Oh the feels! Or when they remove or add on so many mods onto an item that its not even recognizeable anymore. That gets really confusing sometimes.

    • pjf1958

      When I was 17, in 1975, I worked at a head shop. a lot of fun, and black lights

    • exitseven

      @pjf1958 I could not imagine what that was like.

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  • Leavesbound
    I'm was laid off from my restaurant job in March 2020 and I'm glad I was. They threatened to fire me the week before for wearing a mask at work. To them it was more important that a customer sees our smiling face than that we remain alive and healthy. I won't be returning. My unemployment benefits just ran out but I have enough to live off of for another 9 months since I was able to save up much of my benefits. I'm not in a hurry to return to work so I can be picky about my next job. I will carefully search and probably won't go back into restaurant work. I will probably work in a factory. Pay and benefits are better and in a factory social distancing is more likely possible. In the restaurant the kitchen was three feet wide and 15 feet long and crammed with up to seven cooks all breathing down each other's necks. Employer doesn't give a damn about our health and constantly reminds us we are all easily replaced. I was just offered my old job back at $1 less than I was getting before I was laid off and I would still have to wait until I have been there a full calendar year before I get the privilege of paying $75 a week for a "bronze" healthcare plan where I have to pay a $10,000 deductible first then I have to pay all subsequent health expenses then apply for partial reimbursement. That plan doesn't cover ambulance or any prescriptions and only half of most surgical procedures and not chemotherapy at all. In other words they only cover what I could get for free by going to the emergency room. So why on Earth would I take such a crappy job and that's all restaurants here in Florida. I agree people should be patient with restaurant workers. But honestly why would anyone want to be one in the first place when there are easier jobs that pay better and treat employees like human beings not an expense to be eliminated at the earliest opportunity?
  • ADFSDF1996
    Yup, I recently started working as a dishwasher at a restaurant and I can relate. We are understaffed and we have to work long shifts while frequently being called in on our days off. It doesn’t help that a few of my co workers abruptly quit recently.
  • Andres77
    Always try to make sure the server doesn't mind coming to our table.
    The kids are funny, we're polite, we always clean up our own table and have the plates stacked at the table's edge and the tip is always generous... if they did their part.
    As long as they don't have an attitude with us then it will be a good experience.
    They still have to earn their tip but it's not hard with us.
  • IAMNathanael
    I can stand with you on that. I'm still employed as a restaurant cook.
  • pjf1958
    Do you remember the tv show "that 70's show"? like that. Only, my hair was down to my shoulders.
  • Avicenna
    I prefer to eat at home or picnic. Where I live, waits of 30-60 minutes are now routine at any decent restaurant.
  • legalboxers
    fully agree. Too many asshat Karens and Kens dont realize the struggle in the food services sector. I be the first to say "the customer isn't ALWAYS RIGHT" here.
  • AllThatSweetJazz
    More and more people are going to choose paid unemployment as the spending on that stuff increases. What’s Biden asking for now? Is it up to 7 trillion?
  • JuliaStyles
    News flash, everyone and their mother is hiring and no one is applying because they make more money sitting on their ass.
  • princeofromance
    Yes, They work very hard for very little money. Please, Tip your waiter / waitress.
  • ArrowheadSW
    Yes I agree! Treat them well. They have a tough job having to deal with all of those customers.
    If they would stop the pay to stay home unemployment checks, watch how quick that shortage is gone.
    • H8INCHES

      I will say this tbough.. minimum wage for tip positions is ridiculous, and always has been.

  • Oppressed_Leecher
    conservative: "thank you and we respect your hard work ethic"

    liberal "can't handle the heat? quit! get a job in coding" 🥴
  • msc545
    I was a waiter while in college. Not fun and very hard work.
  • zagor
    Never worked in a public-facing job and glad of it.
  • call_me_scar
    As the stoned busboy I can agree with this
  • anylolone
    Any worker.
  • redlegs123456789
    You can thank Joe Biden for that.