What's your best dish?

My brother and I keep trying to outdo eachother with steaks.

I'll admit he's way better than I am right now 😂

This morning, I threw some waygu in a zip lock bag with salt, pepper and a few pinches of cumin, gently froze it (just a couple hours from being in the fridge overnight) boiled that for about 5 minutes, threw it on a skillet, cooked up some sunny side up eggs perfectly while butter basting the steak.

Where I fucked up was I pulled the steak out too late because I forgot it was going to keep cooking after I took it out. I think butter basting makes it cook faster too. Went from medium to well with a hint of red in the middle.

My brother on a good day will get it medium rare in the middle and just have a really nice gradient from center to edge compared to mine. Not totally sure how he does it.

Still made for a stupid good breakfast haha.

What about you guys, he got a head start on the steaks so maybe I should try something else.

What's your best dish?
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