6 Reasons to Start Dating Older Guys


1. They are mature

I'm not saying all guys under 25 are immature, that would be a false generalization. But most guys (especially my age-18) are much more immature than their female coevals. It's nice being able to have conversations about politics or society with a person that actually cares about these stuff. Also they probably will not speak like they're 15 years old.

6 Reasons to Start Dating Older Guys

2. They will treat you like a woman

Have you ever been on a date and then felt like the guy treated you as on of his friends? Calling me bro or man on a first date won't lead to a second one. I'm not saying they should be holding doors or pulling chairs, but at least they should show some respect and keep the language at an adult level. Also the way the older guy looks at you, kisses you, touches you etc will make you feel so much more confident and desired than your high school sweetheart ever could.

6 Reasons to Start Dating Older Guys

3. They won't play mind games

Forget those endless talks with your bestie about what he meant with that mysterious text his friends told him to send you. Older guys know that the best way to get what they want is to just be straight forward.

6 Reasons to Start Dating Older Guys

4. They are so much hotter

I know this is a personal preference but seriously when I look at their manly face and body it makes me wonder how I could ever date someone less than 30 years old.

6 Reasons to Start Dating Older Guys

5. They are more likely to have a stable life

I'm not saying this in a gold-digging way but that roommate in college that was in the next room when you were having sex? Not the best way to get wild. Also, not having to deal with his overprotective parents is a good pro.

6 Reasons to Start Dating Older Guys

6. They are experienced

They already know how to please you and they will probably make you a better lover as well. They don't need to experiment, they already know what they want.

6 Reasons to Start Dating Older Guys

*Reasons not to

1. They might want to get married and make family soon and if you are way too young like me, your relationship will end soon.

2. They might already be married. Always check for those ring marks.

3. You might be TOO imature for them.

4. You'll never want to date a young guy again :3

But when you look at them somehow you forget about the cons...

6 Reasons to Start Dating Older Guys

6 Reasons to Start Dating Older Guys
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Most Helpful Guy

  • AleDeEurope
    Yeah, try to see if you can find a 18-21 y/o girl who can have a real conversation, I'm still looking for them XD And about mind games... come on, we all know it's the girls who play that xD

    About the rest, I agree, maybe that's why I tend to go for older women too (not for dating though). They're more mature, go straight to the point, and they know how to have fun. At my age, it's impossible to find a woman, so I end up going for older women now until I reach an age where women my age or a couple years younger are actually women.

    So I can understand why women prefer older men, since, if you think about it, older women are better too.
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    • I think there's plenty of girls like that. And guys. I love debating myself, and guys on here love it too lol

    • @SovereignessofVamps I wouldn't say plenty. It's difficult to find a girl my age who's not all about her and who actually knows what's going on in the world, and knows about history and important stuff.

    • Knowing about history is good. It's just that it depends on how you look at it. I hate how child labor used to be common in the USA, or how kings and queens cheated on each other. I think history is so depressing.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • BrileyCat
    I've dated 2 older guys who are handsome and mature.
    They are intelligent and dominant and I let them tap into
    my curiosity for the conversations and my submissive side
    and sexual energy for the experience in the bedroom.
    The problem with both of these guys being older, they wanted to
    shape my thinking, desires and future. I'm not ready for that,
    and I let them know that. There's a lot of living, experiences
    and college I want first. One guy I'm not seeing anymore.
    The other guy I still hook up with, because so far he lets me be me,
    until either he gets bored with me, or I won't have time for him.
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  • Maik567
    You're 18 and all the guys in the pics are old enough to be your fucking father. Listen if you have daddy issues and necessarily want to be with a much older man then go for it, but don't make a dumb list with half assed logic trying to justify your obsession.

    1. Yes, but they are also more mature than you. You have to be extremely naive if you think that there are no down sides to him being much more mature than you. He won't want to go clubbing with you, he won't get along with your friends in the same way as a guy your age and you are simply at completely different points at life to have a lot of things in common.

    2. Plenty of younger guys know how to treat their partners like this as well. And you saying that "Also the way the older guy looks at you, kisses you, touches you etc will make you feel so much more confident and desired than your high school sweetheart ever could." Is nothing but your own fetishization, there is no truth to this you just personally are obsessed with older guys and that's why you feel this way.

    3. Yes they do lol, plenty of older guys just play with younger girls feelings and only use them for sex. Don't be ridiculous.

    4. Again not even a point, just your own personal preference. And you do realize that even these guys used to be young once, you think they just magically became attractive the day they turned 30? Again all this is is your fetishization of older guys.

    5. Yes they are also more likely to have kids, more likely to be emotionally unavailable, a bigger chance they won't want to have kids with you, etc.

    6. If they have already done their experimenting that also means that you won't be able to do much experimenting with them.

    "You'll never want to date a young guy again"

    Funny cause a friend of mine who dated a guy who was 10 years older than her is now dating a guy her own age. You see not all girls have age fetishes or daddy issues like you.

    There could be a young guy who possessed all these traits but you'd still say you're too young you wanna know? Because you wanting to date older men doesn't actually have anything to do with these "reasons" it has to do with your own personal issues and insecurities. You are judging people based on their age instead of their character don't even try to pretend that your dating preferences are somehow healthy or well thought out.
    • You're just bitter because all girls your age prefer your daddy, maybe one day you'll be mature enough to understand what the word preference means.

    • Maik567

      "because all girls your age prefer your daddy"

      Nah the girls I know don't have crippling daddy issues like you. You just need to tell yourself that all girls are like you to try to justify your age fetish to yourself.

      I wouldn't have a problem with this if you just made a post about your preferences but what makes me mad is idiots like who say shit like " You'll never want to date a young guy again" as if older guys were somehow objectively better than younger guys, its the most stupidest shit and people do it all the time. "once you go black you never go back" It's literally the same shit as that. You're so insecure that you need to tell yourself that all girls have daddy issues like you even tho it's a fact that most marriages happen between people who are within 1 year of each other.

      The fact is that you're judging people based on their age and not the content of their character get some therapy.

  • PlacentaSalad
    If a man only dates young, then you should question how long a future with him would last once you start to age yourself to the point that you aren't so young anymore.

    Anyway, what it comes down to is basically finding the man with a more stable life because you want to make sure you have somebody helping to pay for your stuff. This is why most guys who are in their early to mid twenties don't go for younger girls either: they're just too expensive and needy and probably haven't established the concept of independence yet either. Young women demand equality (I read your profile) but still seek people who can support them financially and who will be willing to cater to whatever desire they have. As for being "treated like a woman," you have to actually be a woman (and have feminine qualities) first. I treat people with the same amount of respect they give me, which means that if she wants to be pampered, then she should pamper me in return, and this doesn't just refer to sex. That's called a balanced relationship.

    For my age, I make enough money to live comfortably on my own while still supporting my interests. If a woman likes me because of my stable living but she doesn't even have a stable life herself, then she's probably a gold digger and also still mentally immature. She should get a job and learn to work for her own stuff, she certainly won't lounge around like a queen all day at my place. She'd only stay home and not work if children were involved, but at my age, they wouldn't be.
    • As I said, I'm not a gold digger and I don't think it's right to be one. On my dates I pay for what I ordered and I don't except expensive gifts, since I can't buy expensive gifts for him as well. You're assuming that every woman in a relationship with a richer guy wants his money and that's definitely wrong.

    • Jamesol1

      Men die sooner... you will be a widow for likely 20-30 years... you will either marry someone else or regret not dating an older guy.

  • pavlove
    You also forgot, probably because you don't realize, is that they don't respect you AT ALL. I'm only 24 and I don't respect an 18 year old at all. Even if I'd date her it would be a very condescending relationship. Maybe you have lowkey attraction for you father so maybe you like being condescended by an older man LOL
    • Why wouldn't you respect an eighteen year old?

    • @Agirlwithalemon It's disgusting to tell people that they're attracted to their father, grow up.

    • What are you talking about? How is a 24 year old an 18's father? Who? What? When? Where?

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  • Mrwoo99
    Men age like wine, women age like milk has always being a controversial quote in the feminist sphere. Here is the deal; men with age look like George Clooney (distinguised) but women with age look like... well George Clooney.
    • Octavius

      Men with good genetics age like wine. The rest age like milk ll-media.tmz.com/.../0517-edward-furlong-2.jpg
      that's Edward Furlong

    • @Octavius thanks for that

    • Octavius

      @KatherineWilliams yeah life hasn't been good to him.

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  • Smmyskittles
    Love the Take.

    --- Off Topic (ish). Will Smith is still so good looking.

  • WalterRadio
    The average age of women I date is 23, and that hasn't changed since I was 25. My girlfriend now is 22.

    On a first date, I always ask, "Why do you like older men?" The number one reason is, "Because they don't make me pay [for a date]". They are usually in college and money is tight. My generation believes the man should always pay for a date, and they agree with that. Being able take our girlfriends to Europe for a long weekend or help out with expenses is not a problem.

    The second reason is, "They know what they are doing in bed." They complain that younger guys are too fast and not interested in what she wants.

    And then the maturity issue. They don't like the jealousy, clinginess, and rush to commitment that many young guys have, or the foolish side interests (like gaming). They don't want to be tied down and dating many older guys (especially married ones) gives them their freedom (there is a range of early 30s single men, where this is not as often true).

    Of course, not every young woman likes older guys, but those that do tend to not like the younger guys so much as far as dating and sex go.

    One thing I have noticed is that women who like older men are often hated by other women. Their young peers hate them because their boyfriend can do things that theirs cannot. The older boyfriend may be an executive. The younger boyfriend may work for him. Older women (usually divorced) often hate these younger ones because they feel entitled to the middle-aged man who has achieved success. They can't compete on looks and often not on attitude either. In both cases, the root of the hate is jealousy. They are jealous that their young boyfriend is no match for the older man, or that they cannot hold a candle to the attraction of a younger woman.
  • Other_Tommy_Wiseau
    As per #1, that's a lie. Most dudes are stuck in arrested development after about 17... i love when girls write that 1 cause I always wanna see the massive disappointment on their faces when they realize they're really dating a teenager with a beard and a suit stuck in a 30 year old's body 😂

    The rest I have nothing to say 👍
    • Spoken like someone who has never been 30.

    • @WalterRadio or spoken like someone who has been around adults for more than 45 seconds... Hell, my dad still does shit like stick food up his nose for quick laughs

    • Sorry, you are a lost cause. It is impossible to explain colors when you have always been blind.

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  • Phoenix98
    Some of these points are valid, but will not be the case with some older men.

    Also they aren't as mature as you think.
    • Heck of a lot more mature than guys around my age.

    • Phoenix98

      @Agirlwithalemon Ehh debatable but I don't doubt that there are mature guys our age.

    • Of course there are mature guys are age, but older is usually a lot better in a lot of different ways.

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  • ikissedtheskyonce
    I disagree, I have met a lot of immature older guys who act as if they have forever to settle down. I would actually prefer a younger guy or a man who is in between the range of 21-28. I have met younger guys who are more mature and financially stable than younger guys. I think that some of these reasons are very naïve and shows that a younger woman is dating a man solely because of his career and because she has this preconceived notion that he will somehow be better than younger guys
    • *I have met younger guys who are more mature and financially stable than older guys. There are a lot of older guys who are players too

    • I never said older guys are not players

    • foesmoes

      I know some decent and older guys:)

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  • Cosytoasty
    2,3 and 4 are debatable, i don't think you can apply that as a majority. Especially 3, older guys are more likely just better at playing the game so that you don't notice lol.

    1, 5 and 6 are much more likely to be correct though.
  • SovereignessofVamps
    I feel like plenty of older guys are toddlers. but I totally agree about them being better in bed. I haven't been with an older one, but when I even talk to them briefly online about sex, they do seem to know a lot more or at least be openminded.
  • Mofunfour20
    most people think im around 18 because i still look young which isn't a bad thing in the long run, but try going to a bar with my face and everyone assumes im a high school senior. there's been nights where my ID gets checked 3+ times and i could already have a beer in my hand, they still ask for ID. I dont dress like most of my peers so maybe thats why they assume im trying to get away with something. Maturity is within the eye of the beholder, just gotta be comfortable being yourself.
  • falafelany1
    The problem is that if you're in college and dating a man who is older than 25 he might be looking to settle down and have a family and you are still in school and might not be ready for that. But good my take
    • I know you said that already but I just wanted to reiterate. It can be a bad thing

    • "he might be looking to settle down"
      That is not necessarily true. Many already have a wife and family and have no desire to change that. I know several young women who only date married men because they don't want any pressure or expectation of settling down.

    • @WalterRadio what are you trying to say? That it is good for young women to be with a married man?

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  • 9R1NC3S5
    My fiancé and I met on PoF 3.5yrs ago.
    He's also 7.5yrs older than me and I wouldn't change it. EVER.

    I'm mature for my 30yra, I always have been. So for me, and older man makes sense because it allows us to "be on the same page" with many many things.

    I've dated boys who were my age and it ended in him cheating or getting "too scared". So I'm a GO for older men.
  • bedroomdweller
    Good take. This is good publicity for me (I'm 28). You just elevated my status in the dating market haha 😜
  • Dargil
    #1 Looks like Burt Reynolds from prehistory. His combination of patient maturity
    lack of pretense and rye humor likely shed a lot of clothes in his day.
  • Mysterio421
    Nothing new here. Girls are already doing this lol. There are pros and cons to each decision. Dating someone because they are stable and can take care of you is being a gold digger. I thought women were equal though? Meh, nothing surprising here. I can understand why girls do. So guys, here's my advice. If you want to get laid a lot easier, go for older women. When you are older and successful, you get to pick younger and hotter chicks than the ones at your age who went out with older guys :P.
    • Wanting someone who can afford to feed themselves is in no way the same as being a gold digger.

  • JustCallMeLeon
    Because we (mature guys) can f*** up your brain just by looking at you. Sometimes I look at my girlfriend when there are other people in the room, and after a few seconds she goes *blue screen error". can't keep up convo, can't focus. PLus, most of us cannot have enough of you orgasming.
  • LittleSally
    Nah... not my thing.

    I like maturity and stability, but anyone who's 10 years older than me just seems too old for me...
    • *not saying it'll never happen... just saying it seems strange to me. Maybe because I'm not used to it.

    • Come to the dark side 'Matice Hrvatska' @LittleSally

    • I'm with you on this. More than 10 years younger is pushing it.

  • Agirlwithalemon
    Older guys rule! But I still love guys around my age, when I say I like older guys I mean guys in their 40s. LOL!
  • neoagent1
    Thank you for this. I have appreciated dating 2 college girls recently. Never though a girl almost half my age would be that interested in me but I enjoyed the time I spent with them. Guys will always love being with younger women sexually too.
  • Atlas67890-
    I thought it was a rule that high school girls date college dudes, and college girls date their professors? lol

    My only beef with younger girls is this scatter brainy-ness, being unsure of everything and trying to find a deeper meaning in your every word, no direction, changing majors, styles, hair etc... Christ figure out your &^@$*!! That and being young and pretty i. e. competing with her needy friends and male orbiters.
  • LoloWaye
    I've dated guys 25+ and even though they weren't the best in the end I had much nicer experiences then guys my own age. I'm not attracted to anyone younger than 25 anymore 😂
  • ninjast4r
    I don't like dating younger women because I'm not your father or your teacher. I need a woman with some experience. You're 18. You don't really know shit, yet.
  • TexanCowgirl
    I'm dating a 27 yr old by MY GOD THE DIFFERENCE. I have dated younger guys all my life (24/23) and I am never going back lol
  • colourz
    Why are you attributing these qualities to all men above 25... I think you need to get out more and stop watching so many movies sweety
    • I said that implying that all men under 25 are immature etc would be a false generalization. But the things I mention are true for the majority

    • foesmoes

      hahaha, true:)

  • 1. Me
    2. No, I would treat you like a LADY :)
    3. Me
    4. Subjective
    5. Ugh... Not me right now
    6. So are the younger ones but that's not me

    7. They have money

    Personally I know some rude man-babies but that's none of my business to be honest.
  • beefcake2000
    But can old men spring back up as quickly for round 2?
    I don't think all of this is true about every older guy. I don't want friends who are over thirty. I generally don't like people who are over thirty...
  • SuitAndTie
    Good take. Can't think of anything else to add to this.
  • vishna
    Came here for Prince Oberyn. The rest of those guys can suck an egg. Except maybe the for the guy with the happy bowl. He was a delight.
  • GraveTruth
    Except for the "Stable" part it was very good.

    Single guys who are older are often BROKEN down about it through several years of wishing there was a woman in their life.
  • ROCKS128
    This would literally create imbalance!
    All this is not true. Young guys are also matured but they like excitement and fun. They dont want to get serious about everything so soon in life...
    We too value when valuable.
  • LovingNerd
    What a great topic. I met a 19-year old when I was 29, both of us working in a nursing home. We had a lot in common, medical background, interests, music, traveling. We hit off as friends, dated for a few years, although we eventually broke up after 5 years. The reason we called it off, when I asked her to marry me, she confessed that while she knew I loved her and were we to have children, I'd be a great father and husband, she admitted she would probably cheat on me.

    The age gap creates a lot of hurdles for couples with an age difference. I'm just glad that that in this case, this women was honest, so we diddn't waste our lives pretending the age gap wasn't important.
  • GingerGuy
    Well there's a better CHANCE of some of those things anyway lol. I can think of and seen plenty of excepts to those.
  • oddwaffle
    I know you women like it hot, rich and aged just right.

    Here is your beer. Mulled (heated) to the right temperature for the flavors. Guarantee rich flavors.
  • My guy doesn't have to be experienced or mature. I prefer someone my age but the other points were cool
  • BeerFarts
    Excellent take and it was well written. I think you did an excellent job of offering pros and cons.
  • chigurl33
    I respect your preferences but I've never and never will be into older guys. They're... old. sorry it just makes me feel like I'm dating one of my older brothers or my father.

    In my demographic, Nigeria to be exact, most guys do want to talk about politics, they just talk about football more... which I don't mind since I'm a Barcelona fan myself. Older guy want to have meaningful conversations all the time, want to take me to expensive restaurants... there's a reason why a girl like me is considered a tomboy.

    I don't need to be talked to 500 times a week... I dent even talk to people I live with that much. By the way, there's no law in my country about minors dating older people so I'm not jailbait.
  • OrangeBoy
    Orangeboy approves this take !
  • NJ_Casanova
    I think this is a very accurate and well spoken post.
  • yucel_eden
    You have to realise that this is the case for women and men.

    18 year old girls are just as immature as 18 year old ones.

  • F媒rdracaD贸cincel
    I appreciate that a lot of the traits you mentioned can be acquired by younger guys and aren't really age specific.
    • not really realyl 1/100 could have these traits sorry try again later

    • @MissMillionDollarMan
      -You don't have to be over 25 to be mature.
      -You don't have to be over 25 to treat a woman right.
      -You don't have to be over 25 to not play mind games.
      -You don't have to be over 25 to develop a manly face and body.
      -You don't have to be over 25 to be decent in bed.

      How's that for trying again?

    • Most do. The fact you don't understand this means you're in the most category. Try again in another 10-20 years.

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  • msportsfan2525
    I've been dating girls that are in their early 20's over the past year and I have learned that they for the most part just want their fun and then move on to the next adventure.

    I agree younger guys are immature. When I was in my early 20's I had a few relationships but at the same time I knew I wouldn't be a great boyfriend so I tended to stay away from relationships.

    Now I have a job, my own place and looking to find someone who knows what they want in a relationship yet I am making the mistake of dating younger girls. Well lesson has been learned and excited to see what this year has in store.
  • Blonde401
    Other cons: yes some of them do play games and some of them never want to get married :/
  • Red88xxx
    I love being in my early 20s a lot of it because of what you said but also I feel a lot more agile and aware of women and other things (:
  • Triss
    that is so true lol but i would never go for older than 25... NEVER
    always liked older guys so yeah 20 or 21 is my fav age
    • Um, at the moment, you shouldn't be going for anyone over 17.

      And someday, you will very likely be sleeping with a man in his 60s.

    • Triss

      @WalterRadio i know and i am not dating bcs of my age
      and no thanks lol i am sure i won't bcs i have some strong reasons not to

    • " i am sure i won't bcs i have some strong reasons not to"
      I am willing to bet you will change your mind sometime between now and the next 55 years.

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  • PT1911
    I'm 24 but have been told I act way older.

    When i studied abroad in spain (22 at the time), everyone thought I was at least 30-35
  • Usersame
    Oh boy, this is exactly why i date older women... Somehow because i'm 23 i'm immature as far as women my age are concerned.
    • It's not necessary that you're immature and I didn't want to offend anyone with this take. Just saying that most guys are less mature than girls their age.

  • hotstuffSRD
    Sounds like you're into older guys
    Totally cool
    But I don't agree with 2,3 and 6 cause it doesn't applies on me