A tomboy can still be a tomboy even when she wears dresses and pink

A tomboy can still be a tomboy even when she wears dresses and pink

You know what over my years I've had lots of hate and its not only because I like parkour and act like a stereotypical boy and don't start drama and despise makeup..

No its because my favourite colour is pink and I wear whatever I want. Believe it or not, if you are a tomboy and you are really masculine and than you wear a dress or skirt, people go absolutely ballistic.

The same goes for wearing makeup?

So whats so bad about this, whats so bad about people being happy that I chose to go feminine, thats exactly whats bad about it. Its not feminine, why must we see pink and certain clothing as for females?

Why is wearing pink or a dress seen as girly...its like you're implying that men can't wear dresses or the colour pink, and to be honest, if you really are a tomboy than why the hell do you give a crap about a colour...

Thats not laid back and chill at all, thats acting actually stereo-typically feminine and complaining about something as stupid as a colour, yes its pink, so what?, do you only hate pink because everyone see's it as a feminine colour?. Just Grow some bloody balls and suck it up, because saying

"Ew its too girly" or "I'm not going out wearing a dress, thats not hardcore at all" Just be quiet because you whining and complaining makes you sound weak. You know what I say when I'm asked what I want to wear, and I get passed a dress, "Okay sure why not?" but only if I wear shorts underneath..

Seriously, its not a big deal, true tomboys in my opinion shouldn't care about clothing because unless you really are into fashion, than why the heck do you care.

Now let me get this straight, I am not mad at girls or guys who think that pink is a feminine colour and associated with weakness, nor am I mad with them for thinking dresses are too girly.

But if you only think this way because the rest of society does, than what are you doing?

If we all just let everyone wear what they want, let both girls and guys have no shirts on or let boys wear dresses and no one picks on them and let anyone wear pink, we would have no problem, and than no tomboy would say "Thats way too girly >:("

Because stereo typically men don't really care about fashion, so why do you?.

Stop caring what other people think and try on a dress. Clothing doesn't change your personality.

By the way, why do we even have a word called "Tomboy", why must we categorize people like that. Humans are far too superior and complex for silly labels that take away the fact that you are a contradiction.

A good label

An Artist is someone that likes art. And that is open to discussion

A bad label

A tomboy. This shows that a girl acting masculine automatically places them in a box, and you will only instantly assume they like video games or sports, but they could just be themselves, this also implies that males all like sports and video games.

Thankyou for reading


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  • People automatically cue off of visual signals. For instance, any guy wearing a dress would be assumed to be trans. I think women have more leeway. I see women wearing men's clothes all the time and nobody thinks twice unless they really look butch. Some women (those who are young enough to look good) refrain from wearing makeup. That's not a problem if you are young and cute.

    If you sometimes dress more masculine and sometimes more feminine, and if you sometimes wear makeup and sometimes not, It doesn't sound to me like you have a problem. It sounds like the problem is with those who are criticizing you.

    Are your parents giving you crap for not dressing like a girl? Are some of your confused peers criticizing you for caving in to patriarchal norms when you look more feminine? Do some dumb-ass guys make fun of you when you dress casually in men's clothes?
    I would ignore those people. Do what you want. But if you are attracted to men, you might have to give some signals to that effect.

    • Fair enough and good point.
      Personally I believe that men aren't allowed to wear dresses or do something feminine because now days femininity is hated and looked down upon which is sad enough... Masculinity is seen as strong so thats why girls like to do it and why guys do it... but Femininity is seen as weak but emotional strength is counted as being strong.

      but tbh that does make lots of sense, ty for the comment

    • 7d

      Thanks. I'm not sure that I agree with you, though, about seeing femininity as weak. I think men who dress feminine may be looked down upon by hetero people simply because it is assumed that they want to have sex with guys and play the female role in that relationship. Also, clothing is designed to compliment body shape. And while a women can look great in Levis, T-shirts, business suits, or just about anything a man might wear, I can't see how most women's clothes would compliment a man's broad-chested, triangular form.

      As a hetero guy, I am not at all attracted to the thought of sex with another guy. But I don't judge those who are. On the other hand, a woman doesn't have to be a girly girl to be a good sex partner. A tomboy could be amazing in bed.

  • "this also implies that males all like sports and video games."
    It implies MOST guys like sports or video games. Honestly, it's rare to find a guy that isn't into one of those two things. Same goes for a lot of things, tomboys would be considers as such because they act less typically feminine and more typically masculine. It's not a box, it's a guideline.

    • Its a box, we shouldn't even have such words as Tomboy or Girly girl, because that just worsens things, why place a label on someone who wants freedom and to do what they please, theirs no point.

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    • Welp you wouldn’t really know who is stopping me
      But I will tell you that many people at school, in my family
      And my friends
      Are stopping me

      I was shouted at the other day for being not “graceful enough”
      And for not wearing makeup

    • 4d

      I love the fact that you are comfortable being sometimes tomboy-ish and sometimes more feminine. It's as it should be. It means that you can do it all. And you're right, the labels are stupid.
      Should women be required to wear make up and heels 24/7? Should you only be allowed to wear pink dresses? I don't think so. You're not auditioning to be a Stepford wife. But it doesn't sound like you want to be seen as butch 24/7, either.

      I'm reminded of the way many people in their teens get caught up in fashion/lifestyle cliques like "hippie", "Goth", "emo", "popular girl", etc. First of all, how sad to turn yourself into a cartoonish stereotype. Second, it's something that only adolescents and insecure people do.

      At 18 years old, your pretty much past the need for such silliness. Cliques and stereotypes are for middle school and high school kids. Okay, they have that crap in college, too, but less so. But sounds like you are too intelligent and emotionally balanced to fall for it. Once you are in your mid-20s and out in the real world you'll discover that being authentic is what's important. You're already ahead of the game.

      As for meeting guys, yes, they are attracted to femininity. Making your hair look pretty, wearing a tasteful bit of make up, sexy clothes, high heels - it's all part of the game and it's fun. But you don't have to do that all the time.

      I have a feeling that guys will be able to tell by your face and body that you are a girl even if you are wearing a baggy, gray sweat suit and no make up. As long as you don't give off dyke vibes, you'll be okay. And then the contrast when they see you dressed like a woman will make their eyes pop out. All that matters is that you're female and are attracted to guys. On top of that, if you're pretty and in good physical condition, you won't have anything to worry about. You'll find a guy who will rock your world, and no doubt you'll know how to rock his.

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  • Well we should stop with gender roles anyways, if you're a girl and like to dress masculine most of the time and feminine on ocassion whats wrong with that? Its style and a sense of self discovery, jut wear what you want!! :)

  • Nice confidence you got!
    You can dress how you want no matter about what "really" others think


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  • I don't know where some people got the idea that a being a Tomboy was a life choice something akin to being gay or goth. The term Tomboy is not new and hasn't been redefined by those who think a girl who is a Tomboy can't wear a color she like.

    A Tomboy is a girl who l I'll keep to things that are typically boys activities, is good at them and is seem as one of the "guys" because of her skill sets. She dresses like them to participate in the things they do without standing out as a girl and being treated as an equal. But Tomboys can also be girly girls when they want to. There is no reason a girl can't game or parkour or skate with her pals and then head out dressed up as a woman and date a guy.

    Why do people feel that have to set rules up for others to follow? Some in society seem to think that everyone needs to be properly indentified, labeled, and controlled by rules. This is their way of making others think that life isn't fair, others are more privileged and they know more than you do and should be in charge. And everyone seems to buy into this. Do as you please and anyone who thinks they know more, is probably not as bright as they seem.

  • Consider that the more you try to be like a man the less desirable you are to them.
    Which may or may not apply to you... that was a lot of detail about not much, so it was just skimmed over. Do you always carry on so?

    • yeah asker, learn to put more quality substance in your asinine soliloquys. don't be an air head

    • Its called a rant for a reason, and what does me wording things a different way have anything to do with intelligence or rambling on?

      The only reason why I went into detail was because I didn't want to be vague, because these are things I experience, I'm not sure why you think it isn't about much because it is basically exactly what is going on.

      I explained it a lot because I was making sure people get it correctly, and its not really called carry on its more like over analyzing or over thinking, but I appreciate the feedback, thanks!

    • The problem is you make a lot of irrational claims and assumptions. It's just your feelings - but that's all they are - feelings. Doesn't make them reality. Sorry.

  • If your female you are going to have social responsibility if you live in a community. Community survives on symmetrical rules. Civilizations last for years or thousands of years based on decisions. Goodluck.

  • smile, say thank you to their criticism — wear whatever you damn well feel like wearing — you are in charge of you 👍

  • Are you transgendered or just a crossdresser?

    • A girl.

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    • 5d

      You are clearly misandrist and believe only men crossdress.

    • 5d

      No, I don't.

  • Nice take...

  • Yup you can !!

  • Yes why not !!!

  • Nice

  • How is that girl in the pic a tomboy

    • The whole point was that you wouldn't be able to tell if she's a tomboy or not because labels are bs and its just a girl.

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