Things Girls Are Better At

Before you read this myTake I know many men will say but there is things that men are better at too. Maybe, but in this myTake I'm only focusing on things that women are better at because these things are often not told. Some think men are better just because they're physically stronger, which isn't true.

Things Girls Are Better At

1. Higher IQ

According to a study of IQ tests from around the world, women have higher IQs than men. Researcher James Flynn checked out the IQs of people from the U.S., Europe, Canada, New Zealand, Argentine, and Estonia, and found that women came out on top. Score.

Things Girls Are Better At

2. Women are more organized

A study from San Diego State University of offices across the U.S. found that men’s desks and offices are germier than women's. Researchers discovered that men had anywhere from 10 to 20 percent more bacteria in their workspaces than women—and scientists say it's because they tend to be less hygienic. Ick.

Things Girls Are Better At

3. Handling job interviews

Studies show that women are better at handling the stress of a job interview.

Things Girls Are Better At

4. Multitasking

Girls are better at doing many tasks at the same time, and that's again because they're more intelligent and can stay concentrated more.

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5. Driving

But, lo and behold, they are. The study went on to assess 200 drivers at Hyde Park Corner, London. Being marked on 14 different aspects of driving – from observation to speeding – women comfortably outscored men by 23.6 points (out of a possible 30) compared to 19.8 for men. And the worst discrepancy? Tailgating. More than a quarter of men were found to impatiently drive too close to other cars, while only 4% of women do it.

Things Girls Are Better At

6. Running successful businesses

There may be fewer women leading FTSE 100 firms than men called John, but companies with female board members are more likely to make decisions that benefit everyone in the corporation, rather than just other bosses. The International Journal of Business Governance and Ethics asked 600 board directors about how they cope when faced with difficult decisions. The survey found that women were far fairer than men, considering other employees and resulting in greater overall success.

Things Girls Are Better At

7. Better at studying

Studies show that girls get better grades at school and spend more time doing their homework and reading books, this is also because they have higher IQ.

Things Girls Are Better At

8. Girls make better politicians

Studies show that female politicians are more successful and loved by the people and are way more honest. Female bosses are always amazing!

Things Girls Are Better At


Women are overall smarter and we should give them that. That's why women shall rule in the future! It's time we hand them the throne!


Things Girls Are Better At
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  • 1828avaava1828

    I'm better at fighting than most men!!

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    • AndrewMG

      Very true Ava! and your betting skills are not to be messed with either!

    • "I'm better at fighting than most men!!" ahahhaahahhahahahah

    • @AndrewMG these fools know not the skills i possess!!

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  • Ninjazzed

    Stayed for the Britney Spears gif.

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  • ThisDudeHere

    "1. Higher IQ"
    Not exactly. The average women may be slightly more intelligent than the average man, but the average genius tends to be male.

    "2. Women are more organized"
    Not until we compare women's bathrooms and male bathrooms. Even staff at cinemas and other public places have often said that female bathrooms are more disgusting than male ones because women leave their tampons all over and often don't even take a leak over the toilet due to not wanting to sit down so they just urinate next to it. Even a guy with poor aim gets most of it inside the bowl at least.

    "3. Handling job interviews
    Studies show that women are better at handling the stress of a job interview."
    And other studies show the exact opposite - that men are more confident and actually are the ones to handle them better. If anything, the extent to which women ''handle'' interviews better may have more to do with employers hiring to meet politically correct quotas than any attributes the individual women may possess.

    "4. Multitasking
    ... because they're more intelligent and can stay concentrated more."
    No it's because that's an evolutionary trait from staying in the cave and taking care of the more mundane needs of the tribe whereas men went out to hunt and thus developed brains better suited to handling individual tasks - and no surprise that men tend to be better at single-tasking when they put their mind to it.

    "5. Driving"
    In reality, both genders suck at driving just each in their own regard. Women make more numerous minor mistakes whereas men make mistakes less often but the ones they do make tend to be more extreme due to men taking more risks. Anecdotally, a woman will bump or scratch her car against something some ten times before a man crashes his car into something.

    "6. Running successful businesses"
    Being fair has nothing to do with a successful business. Earning money has everything to do with it and, as it stands in the reality we live in, you more often gain more by not being fair.

    "7. Better at studying"
    It's because of favouritism and because of the fact that education is geared towards the female-model of learning than the male one. Boys do not perform as well because they are reprimanded for behaving like boys.

    "8. Girls make better politicians"
    Things Girls Are Better At

    Angela Merkel and Hillary Clinton may beg to differ.
    Can't cite the source so take it with a grain of salt, but there was some historical study that confirmed that when women were granted power, they in fact statistically caused more wars than their male peers at the time. Not by a large margin, but still.

    • Nadim171

      So you picked the worst 2 female politicians and ignored the rest...

      You only meet a genius like once in your life because a real genius is something that is so rare.

      Woman bathrooms are cleaner. Way cleaner. When I was a kid like 5 yo my mom took me to women's bathroom with her since i was just a kid and she couldn't leave me alone. And I remeber that they were way cleaner.

    • Because the rest don't amount to anything much.
      Whether I meet them or not is irrelevant, most of them have been male.
      I could concede that public bathrooms are probably a case by case thing, but the OP brought up women as being more organized because their desks are cleaner while ignoring the fact that their bathrooms tend to be the exact opposite of bathrooms primarily used by men.

    • I missed the fact that you are the OP.

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  • R_Cakes91

    Although I appreciate your MyTake, I don't think that one gender is smarter than the other. Men and women are smarter in certain ways. Have you ever heard the phrase "that's why women live longer"? Its because women don't do dumb shit to impress their buddies.

    It is SO refreshing to see a man on here who isn't a piece of shit though. There's a handful of guy on here I actually respect, and you're one of them!

  • AynonOMouse

    Every single one of your points was false.
    1. Almost all inventions/creations were from White men.
    2. Women often lack logical thinking, which is why they are less organized.
    3. Women get hired more often, especially when NOT qualified for the job because men are ridiculously horny and think if they hire a young woman they will get to have her. After they get older and actually have more knowledge and qualifications than they did before they get hired much less often because it comes down to sexual desirability, not qualifications or handling stress.
    4. Ha ha ha, seriously? You must have never worked a job before if you believe that.
    5. Women tailgate much more. That is actually the worst part of their driving is how often they tailgate. I've seen it almost every day to and from work, especially on the highway.
    6. Not in my real life experience. Women were much less fair to employees and often based things on how much they liked someone personally and not based on job performance.
    7. When given the same amount of instructional time, boys/men exceed girls/women in results in school. Girls tend to get a lot more assistance in school that boys do. I've worked in 3 different school districts and it is pretty consistently that way.
    8. Is Hillary your example? lol

    In conclusion, you are full of BS.
    With all of your obviously false statements you either have very little actual knowledge, or you are just trying to kiss up to them hoping it will win you some brownie points.

    • whats funny is that the "dude" who wrote this is actually a chick posing as a dude XD I found that to be pretty pathetic

    • Nadim171

      Prove it or quit with that shit

    • I already have proven it. just by telling people to look at your posts so they can easily find you contradict yourself.

  • SpiderManFan2002

    You can't just generalise and say:
    "Girls are better at X"
    "Guys are better at Y"

    It's all down to the individual at the end of the day. Not everybody's brain is wired the same way.

    • Nadim171

      I'm talking about the majority

    • Are you though?

    • Nadim171

      Am I what?

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  • PositiveNote

    I just love it when we start with "WOMEN" or "MEN" do it better... That's a little like saying a TROUT does it better than a SALMON.

    These generation generalizations have got to come to a 21st century halt!!! "Some" women and "some" men do things better than the opposite sex. NOT ALL men or women do it better. I've seen some really lousy mothers in my time, but supposedly, women take care of the children better than men? Really? I seriously don't think that is true across the board in any country.

    If these stupid surveys ever want to say something useful, how about they start using language that actually tells us something? For instance, "7 out 10 women who were putting away their toys when they were 4, stacked the blocks perfectly—and now we see they clear their desks better!" Now that says that the women who leave cracker crumbs and spilt coffee on their desktop are not in the survey because when they were 4, they piled their Cherios on top their blocks and told mom she wanted the cockroaches to have fun playing overnight.

    Now THAT would be a useful survey!!!

  • humanearth

    Driving one I'm not sure about. Most women are intimated 18 speed manual transmission and driving 70 foot long truck.

    Hell most can't even drive a stick shift. If the shifter is in the floor or a real old 40 plus year 3 in the tree column stick shift. If it has a clutch they can't drive it. Most of the time.

    Yes there are a few that can. But for the as a whole. 98% can't drive one.

  • Massageman

    Giving birth.
    1. Arguable on the basis of which studies are correlated.
    2. Less germs does NOT equal better organization. I suppose the gals got the bugs to waddle away in a straight line?
    3. Probably.
    4. No one multitasks, not men , not women. We "task shift". The brain can only do one thing at a time. The trick is how to recover frodoing one thing and refocus on something else. Research shows that both men and women can task-shift through 7 tasks. Driving a car requires 6, for example.
    5. Men are more predictable when driving. Women are less predictable.
    6. Women-owned and other "minority-owned" businesses are given preferential treatment, so, whether their business is good or bad, this isn't a surprise.
    7. Women are more verbal, no surprise there. But men are known to be the best in their fields due to higher degree of focus.
    8. Politicians or bosses? I've had female bosses and male bosses. I've had one decent female boss. The rest, I won't even waste bandwidth on. Politicians? You're kidding, of course.

  • IIGrifterSixII

    LMAO thus most successful business owners and enterpernuers are men. Women may have higher IQs though I find this suspect but lets assume its true, nothing is more common than wasted potential. Women in STEMs gravitate toward managerial and organizational task vs technical ones leaving the men to do the heavy lifting. Younger men are risky drivers but on whole women cause more accidents every year ( I've ran an Insurance agency) . If we take that women are in fact better at multitasking which makes sense, it would allow for men to logically better at single focus tasks... so on one hand we have scattered attention on the other we have driven focus. Having worked at numerous fortune 500 companies under men and women , the proverbial ship always seemed more stable in male hands, but if they say women are more fair Ill conceed. But who makes more profit? After all that is the function of a CEO. Where studies are concerned I would agree, todays school culture caters to the feminine , I can see why they might do better. Lastly I think we should let the women rule the world a while. After all we've done all the hard work and its relatively calm , good time as any to let them have a go. Lets save ourselves for when the world NEEDS men , if it ever does again otherwise lets enjoy our hard earned retirements and watch the ladies do the lifting

  • UnicornLobotomy

    Higher IQ? Where is the data? Are we cherry picking Asian women and using them as a template to compare against the average American male's score? Also, urban areas where men are over 200 times more likely to not be raised by their biological father's and whom have the highest dropout rates and whom become incarcerated and whom have the lowest IQ and test scores bring the American male's average IQ down.
    So, it is feminism, welfare, public school standards, and biased family court that correlate to fatherlessness, and fatherless male children to the US avg. male IQ being slightly lower, and it is causation, in my opinion, to the seemingly lower IQ. There is also insufficient data to adequately compare the avg. IQ of women to men, I believe the people conducting the test used SAT / HS finals / and/or ACT scores and applied them using an algorithm to account for all the men in HS that did not take an IQ test and many of those men from the urban areas with the low IQs never intended to go to college or graduate HS.

    School is designed and operated by women these days, and most men are fatherless. Women can't raise or educate men in the ways that they need to be. We are different, men created civilization, and you are welcome.

  • Phoenix98

    Your take would be great if you took away the obvious bias and the fact that most of what you've said is wrong.

    And the fact that you said female politicians were the best really sold it to me that you are full of crap.

    • Nadim171

      If you ignore Hillary Clinton and Teresa may they're great

    • Phoenix98

      Still no lol.

      The vast majority of what you've said is false, or rather has already been proven false through existing events and information.

      The only thing I'd agree with you on is the multitasking. Everything else is false information and manipulated stats for the most part.

  • litty

    Lol, these generalizations are amusing to say the least. Are you telling me for every example of these you don't know of women who can't get their shit together? Who drop out of college? Who have gotten into car accidents? Who are in financial debt? Who irresponsibly have children just for the parents to take care of? Who are distrustful?

  • Shamalien

    I have nothing against women, really, but this is fking nonsense. Women have higher IQ? That is patently false. Men on average have a higher IQ, and at the highest levels of IQ there exist only men. There are no female Teslas, Einsteins, etc, these top tier level geniuses have only ever occurred in the male form. I'm not some men's rights activist or anything, I just don't like lies.

    I actually agree with about half of these points, studying, job interviews for sure, organization as a general rule, I'm surprised you didn't put personal hygiene, that would be my number one haha ever seen a bathroom in a house full of single men?

    Women making better politicians is the biggest joke on here though. You girls should honestly be proud that you aren't as good at this generally evil role, but the truth is that men make much more effective politicians, always have, and there is abundant data to support this. Any nation that has elected a woman leader for any prolonged period of time is falling into disarray. Same thing can happen with male leaders of course, Canada is a great example, but good god look at germany... look at sweden. These places are going straight down the shitter, although tbh they probably would be regardless of who sat on the throne. Still, correlation should be mentioned, even if it's not causation.

    • @Shamalien
      Marie Skłodowska Curie born 7 November 1867 – 4 July 1934) was a Polish and naturalized-French physicist and chemist who conducted pioneering research on radioactivity. She was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize, the first person and only woman to win the Nobel prize twice, and the only person to win the Nobel Prize in two different scientific fields. She was part of the Curie family legacy of five Nobel Prizes. She was also the first woman to become a professor at the University of Paris, and in 1995 became the first woman to be entombed on her own merits in the Panthéon in Paris.

    • Shamalien

      @MysteriousDarkness Never said women couldn't be smart dude, just said that at the very highest levels of IQ, there are no women, and this remains true. I'm sure she was very intelligent and did fine work, nobody is arguing that, but she wasn't tesla.

    • @MysteriousDarkness lol good job referencing one woman who isn't even relevant to what he's saying XD

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  • Kiran_Yagami

    LOL, none of these are even correct.

    Higher IQ? Why are there more male geniuses than female geniuses, then? Women inhabit the center of the bell curve more than men, who have more on the extremes than women, and higher IQ is an extreme.

    Handling job interviews? Then why are women on average paid less? Because women don't aggressively negotiate their salary or their raises. They just go with the flow to avoid making waves, but you don't advance by upholding the status quo. You advance by disrupting it to make room for yourself at the top.

    Running successful businesses? Then why are there more male CEOs, more male bosses, and more rich men in general than there are women? Because men are better at it. Men seek out leadership roles more often than women do, are more competitive than women, and are more likely to take risk than women, all necessary traits to running a business successfully.

    Girls make better politicians? HAHAHAHAHAHA! See the previous answer. They make dog shit politicians for the same reason they don't make good bosses, they lack in aggression, drive, and nerve compared to men. The best politicians aren't placaters. They're go getters. The few rare great female leaders have led like men do.

    In the era of men being allowed to enter women's sports and dominating them, having Glamour magazine's woman of the year be a man, and men even overtaking women in traditionally female dominated industries like make up, you can't possibly convince me women are better than men. You're talking out of your ass.

  • proteus912

    I don't think it should be men are better at this and women are better than that. Everyone is an individual and both have their strengths and weaknesses. I get the differences. Like I am good at more female things and my boyfriend is good at more male things (That's the best way I could describe it haha). But everyone is different

    • Kaytiee

      I mean if there’s facts to support women are better at this and that may Aswell accept it instead of being a leftist there’s no harm done if it’s all just proven facts.

    • proteus912

      But we have one person saying the facts for women are true and then we have another person saying those facts for women are not true

    • @Kaytiee um there's no facts at all. you're only lying to yourself lol but realistically men are majority better at all of this stuff -_-

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  • That's true. I'm in love with a Turkish girl and she's extremely smart and talented. I really adore her.

    • Nadim171

      That's great! You're really a good guy

    • I think it's very normal to like and respect girls a lot. I didn't respect them that much, when I was a kid, but now I'm in an age where I'm really interested about girls and I've realised how great they are.

    • Nadim171

      I'm glad that happened to you! That's really great

  • genericname85

    the iq thing is factually wrong. mean and average IQ in women is a few points lower than men not that this would be a big deal to make the case that women are dumber but they are most definitely not smarter... you maybe shouldn't ignore the 10000 studies that prove that and go with the one that tells the opposite.

    also women definitely don't manage better in job interviews at all, cause they're too agreeable and too little competetive.

    so 1 and 3 are just factually straight up wrong, 2 can be right, seems plausible to be honest so i won't go into that. 4 is a dumb stereotype that you connected with fact number 1 which was already wrong. though i think it may be true.

    5 i agree men are more risk taking and therefore more prone to have accidents, due to bad judgement. however when you look at the pure technical side of driving, men are better due to better motor skills and better spacial awareness.

    6 straight up wrong. women fuck up as bad as men plus there are way fewer female CEOS over all, which defeats that argument.

    7 that is true, because the way how school works, it suppresses natural male dispositions (being aggressive and cometetive) and fosters the female natural disposition (eing more calm and agreeable).

    8. just no. saying "studies show" don't make a point. say what makes them more "successful" and how "success" is determined in order to make that point. they're not loved more by people. i mean angela merkel is hated by as much people as any other president before her and hilary clinton didn't even make it. so how do you determine they make "better" politicians?

  • I agree with some of this but it really depends on the person as most of these aren't biological but are mental which varies between person.

    Women receive much better support on 1,3,6 and 7 as traditionally they where seen as weaker in this area and thus got schemes and help to improve them. So it's not necessarily because they are biologically female but because the get better support.

    Men do not receive proper praise or complements because of what they do or who they are. They are often just expected to do because "they are men".

    Women often receive so many compliments it's an issue for them.

    With all due respect, over focusing on women may actually be harmful instead of helpful, as you obviously intend.

    Something's you said are sometimes, well just
    "Female bosses are always amazing"
    Well that's not true, some of them may be great but not all of them.

    "Women are overall smarter"
    "Why women should rule the future'
    Sorry not trying to be hurtful but these are just plain misandristic and sexist.

    I'm trying to be respectful but at the same time trying to speak out about some things I find very shocking and horrible.

    I know you are trying to inspire and benefit women but you shouldn't achieve this by using this sort of language.

    I hope you understand.

  • Liam_Hayden

    1. Except at the extremes
    2. Perhaps, but I make Adrian Monk look like a slob.
    3. Handling the stress, perhaps, but men are clearly better negotiators on average.
    4. This is true. Of course men are better, on average, at single tasks. We need both.
    5. Umm, again perhaps, but mostly due to speeding and tailgating. On an average day I see far more women than men doing things like talking with their phones to their ear (illegal here), eating, putting on makeup, and reaching for things while driving. One of my co-workers has two young adult children, a boy and a girl. The boy has more tickets. The girl had four at fault collisions in her first seven months of driving.
    6. The criteria used for this are faulty. The purpose of a business is to make money for the owners.
    7. And yet 17 of the top twenty in my graduating class, including the top seven, were male. Of course the fact that every single failed student and about 90% of the dropout were also male skewed it, so again at the extremes.
    8. More likable, Hillary notwithstanding, but more successful? That is absurd. There are far more men at every level of elected office.

  • ZeussLightningBolt

    Actually, Mythbusters said that women are actually WORSE drivers!

    I didn't know the IQ thing.

    Better politicians, I disagree.

    They're also better at child rearing.

    • Nadim171

      Women aren't worse drivers. That's from personal experience. Men break the rules more than women and take more risks while girls follow the traffic road rules

    • Because Muslim women aren't ALLOWED to drive :p

    • Maybe elsewhere it's different, but in the US women are more dangerous drivers. Trust me

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  • HungLikeAHorsefly

    I think in a lot of cases, you're cherry picking your data to make these claims. For example, the difference in IQ between men and women varies between studies (with most studies favoring men), and the deltas in all of them are well within the margin of error in measurement.

  • BrittBratt2416

    Are you trolling us women cause i feel like you're trying to troll us...

    • Nadim171

      i am defenatley not trolling, what makes you say that?

  • ManOnFire

    If women have higher IQ why are women followers and group-thinkers so much more often, and why then are most of the world's geniuses men?

    I don't know if women are more organized than men, although I have met many women who don't have order in their own houses and they actually admit to it. I don't really know about job interviews either. That could possibly be true, not sure.

    Women are hailed at being better drivers when I think the real truth is that insurance companies already automatically decide to give women an edge because they stick to old records and statistics even if a lot of women really are bad drivers. I've also seen a number of women driving around with dented cars they don't get fixed because they know the insurance companies aren't going to side with them and find them at fault.

    I also don't really know about the businesses thing either. It could be possible.

    • Nadim171

      Because women weren't given the chance to be geniuses, many female inventions were stolen

    • ManOnFire

      A lot of inventions were also stolen from blacks too. Even still, I don't think the number of women inventors is as high as male ones.

  • That is why my fiancée leads the relationship. She is also more driven.

  • Electric_Dreams

    I'm pretty sure the high IQ one is a case of that females generally have higher IQ than men, in terms of the average IQ of each gender, however I do believe those with the absolute highest IQs are men. This is something I read a few years ago now. So it's like most women have a higher IQ than most men, but the highest IQ men tend to have the highest IQ of all.

  • FunkyMonkee

    Filling bras, changing tampons, shaving legs, getting pregnant, having babies, playing with pussy, cutting silent but extremely deadly farts, cutting pussy farts, bouncing titties, looking pretty, looking sexy, attracting men, coming up with insane arguments.

  • nerms123

    Having vaginas

  • Nadim, I'm truly concerned about you little dude. Why do you dislike men so much? Most of you posts are pro women.

    • Nadim171

      That's the problem with the majority of men, you think supporting women means hating men which isn't true. I don't hate men, or I would have hated myself too. I just dislike men who refuse to change and think women should be enslaved housewives

    • Janncis

      @Nadim171 no supporting woman means just that supporting them when needed, not bashing man. Bessides i would like to see cross citated studies you used, quiz a lot of what you written is wrong.
      What you should do is admit, that man and woman are diferent, there is no point comperring two. I will be i snd no one can change it, as my option of what jobs should woman do.

    • i think you hate men because u posted this while your brain was damaged

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  • El_Heffe

    I love this MyTake question that it was about time to post.
    I am a firm believer in this in life already.
    Here in Quebec, by example. Our Medical Schools are now made up of up to 95% Women. A huge leap forward.
    I firmly believe that no only should Women take on more rolls in society as I believe that women would do a considerably better job at running the world than sadly guys have.

    • R_Cakes91

      True, I honestly think if every country had a female president/ queen/ ruler, we'd have a better shot at world peace. Like seriously, think about it. Males have an instinctive need to fight and go to war. Women, not so much. Women would definitely focus more on making their country safe, and giving equal chances for each child to grow up in a safe environment. I hope one day that I live to see the day where majority of rulers in the world are women.

    • El_Heffe

      In total agreement with you

  • USedName5zO8sham3

    Well so far as I've seen both humans are pretty well stupid and just as cause of better and worse at the same time. However, so far women are better at blowjobs and that's it. Not even handjobs.. And I'm honestly legit serious on that. Had both done by both and that's how it is. So far.

  • CharlesMannerson

    None of this is true, and James Flynn is a shit researcher.

    • Nadim171

      You guys are funny, seriously toug. When someone shows you researches done by huge organizations and a whole long list and then you're like "Fuck researches, It'S NoT tRue"

    • You don't even know who James Flynn is, retard, you're 14 years old. I know who James Flynn is and James Flynn is a bad and biased researcher.

  • mgtow4life11

    did u ever test your iq, because it seems u dont know anything about it

    • Is it bad that I like sadistic girls?
      Yoda Age: 14
      Since I was a kid I liked sadistic girls in movies, TV shows, etc... I even found some of my drawings when I was 5 or 6 yo with girls in black whipping criminals and saving the day. I know it's probably wrong since being sadistic is evil but, it just turns me on and that's something I liked since being a kid. I know I'll get judged a lot for posting this but please try to not use. I know it's propblay wrong to like them in normal life but I only will take it in a sexual context

    • Nadim171

      Is repeating everything I said any useful?

    • one of your qustions , i think you have a obsession with women, thats why you weight them higher

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  • Evil_Chuck

    Things Most Boys & Girls Are Better At Than You Are:
    Observing the actual behavior of individual human beings and using that to evaluate their skills, rather than saying "one gender is better than the other at some stuff because, I dunno, studies."

    • Nadim171

      Yeah let's just ignore studies and sience because we wanna make everyone look good

  • HereIbe

    We get it, you want to be somebody's pussy boy. If that's what floats your boat, okay, but that doesn't mean women are superior. It only means that you choose to be inferior.

    As for women being "overall smarter", only a moron could claim that. The data state that women have ON AVERAGE a higher IQ, but men have a much broader range and a greater proportion of men are at the highest ends of IQ than women are. Thus, women are well suited to being middle managers and other drones, but men are better suited to be on top and lead--and to be the disposable grunts.

  • IrishMann

    Yes you are right but men are better at smiling while nodding yes and not giving a single fuck...

  • smølf

    I'll stopped reading at "According to a study of IQ tests from around the world, women have higher IQs than men"

    Can you please document this, all I can find says just the opposite?

  • John_Doesnt

    BS, I don't shop uncontrollably. I can drive a car for more than 30 seconds without hitting something. If I bleed for 7 days I die.
    Men also invented the Sex-mo-tron.

  • Ámayas_20

    I'm going to doubt many of these, a few are just untrue and a few others are probably manipulated stats. Although a couple are true.

  • Benny_Oakley

    *feminsts have entered the chat* bruh the future is men, oh wait if I said that it would be sexist

  • GreatnessBack

    Is your name Job Snow, because you know nothing. Lol.

  • SomeGuyCalledTom

    It's good that you reference some specific studies, but citations would be helpful as we could assess the reliability of those studies' outcomes. Many of the claims here sound like they're really reaching for a conclusion for which there is too limited data to ascertain. 200 drivers on Hyde Park Corner with a 4/30 difference in male/female driving performance is hardly valid grounds for making the blanket assertion "women are better than men at driving". Problem is, for every study you find that supports one conclusion, I can find a study that supports the opposite conclusion. To make sweeping claims you've made here, far more evidence is needed, both in quantity, quality, reliability, validity, and replicability. Those studies sound interesting enough to consider on their own merits, but the scientific method makes advances through aggregation of multiple compelling data points. Anyone can pick out some outlier studies that support the conclusion they already made in their head.

  • MilanaLove

    Hi! If you want to pull me on your stick, then message me where we can meet. Message there ==>> hotdatgirl. site/id5396

  • TonyBologna25

    1) Actually... a multitude of reputable studies say that men are more on the edges of the IQ bell curve. Meaning, there are more really intelligent men and really stupid men whereas women are more average.

    5) Just because they have was accidents doesn’t mean they are better drivers. That just means they are safer drivers. Men are typically
    more aggressive on the road.

    6) I’m sorry what? How many male CEOs are there compared to female? There’s your answer.

    8) That’s why men completely dominate politics on a global eve and are running literally every country?

    This take is such bullshit lol

  • AircraftCarrier

    Our resident gynophile strikes again. Although most of your listings have good evidence for them, I must say that the multitasking advantage is redundant. Women are not intrinsically designed to multitask, nor are men. However, due to socio economic circumstances, women find themselves doing a lot more unpaid work, and thus multiple jobs simultaneously, than men.

    You also need to be careful when using IQ to imply smartness. The IQ scale in an attempt to test the basic problem-solving capacities of the population, and has been criticised for leaving out many aspects of intelligence.

  • TheDonDada

    Lol fuck off! Women are terrible drivers. Your whole list is a bag of BS.

  • TheDonDadda

    Lol fuck off! Girls are terrible drivers. Your list is complete nonsense.

  • FeministDestroyer

    Oh no. You poor girl. so uninformed. lets start from the top shall we
    1. men and women have the same IQ (you should know that by 2nd grade)
    2. women are NOT more organised. it depends on the person. not on the gender
    3. Men actually handle job interviews better, they are also naturally better at asking for a pay raise
    4. Men can multitask but women (for some reason) dont think we can. (even though the best guitarists and chefs in the world are men -_- go figure)
    5. hahahaha good one
    6. hahahahaha thats even funnier
    7. No they aren't. there's a reason why everyone hated julia Gillard, and there's a reason why Trump beat Hillary.

    Good try but ultimately... you failed

  • Jigor

    I am also agree with this, women's are equal to men nowadays in day to day life in house and also in business world in profession.

  • Britantic

    Maybe the multi tasking but not the rest.

    • Nadim171

      Hey, for chrissake, I didn't invent this stuff. Go argue with scientists and researchers

    • Britantic

      My iq is higher than yours.

    • Nadim171

      Doesn't that prove my point?

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  • Paul09

    I mostly do not agree with #6 & #8.

    #6 because I've experienced a lot of women drivers. Some did not even wear their seat belts! I had to ask them to buckle up. Then there's your multirasking in a car, phone, make up etc.

    #8 With my experience, women insult each other and then throw away a realstionship for a few bad words. Guys insult each other, fight physically and can still be friends.

    But then again, this isn't every single woman. Just like it isn't every single man.

    P. s. No offence

  • Usernamesrdumb

    They are better at taking half or more of your stuff and your kids.