Confessions of a Ladies Man: How to Pass her Needy Woman Shit Test

Confessions of a Ladies Man: How to Pass her Needy Woman Shit Test

This girl I just started dating is a strong, vivacious woman.

So it came as a surprise yesterday when this tough as nails feminist woman was sending me text messages: "I miss you baby", "I don't feel well baby", "Come cuddle with me. I don't feel well. Just for a little bit." The final straw that was tough to take was: "Baby, I miss you. Did you know I just bought some lingerie?"

Most beta male guys who have a mindset that they can't ever get sex would be at their ladies beck and call within minutes. Even in the midst of work or school or a busy day they would re arrange their schedules to check in on their girl when she begs them. Happy wife, Happy life. Right?

DO NOT DO THIS. It is an attraction kill. She is shit testing you to see your masculine frame. Are you a strong fatherly, provider type of man on your purpose? Or are you a puppy dog desperate for sex with nothing going on that is important in your life?

Ask yourself. Why is James Bond so sexy to women? He's a daredevil. A vagabond in a suit. Women get wet because of his un-attainability. He is simply unavailable. He can't be taken for granted.

Don't get it twisted guys. I am not talking about neglect. But when she begs you to come over. Make sure you are doing something. Organize a time to see her when you are free and stick to that. Tell her, "Baby, Superman is on his purpose. See you tomorrow." "I wish I could be there but I can't." or "I'm doing important work but thinking of you."

Turns out she was on her period. Emotional. She sent me a text message though saying, "I like this new side of you. Like you're always busy-never talking on the phone-its different."

After my days achievements were done. I went to see her. She had longed to see me and was intimately rewarded.

Confessions of a Ladies Man: How to Pass her Needy Woman Shit Test
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  • Kkstarzz96
    Um I don't know about you but I like when a guy is available lol. Of course trust needs to be built but if I wanted to spin in circles wondering what is it about me that gets his attention and what pushes him away, I mean, i dont want to give up my single life if that's what is awaiting me. I just want to know a guy is involved in my life even when it doesn't need a legitimate reason like i was in a car accident just to get him on the phone in a call. Sigh whatever
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    • Apope16

      Have you been in a relationship? I think maybe you are right. Every woman is different. But think about any relationship you have had with a guy. What really attracted you to him. Be honest now! haha. Was it some guy who was your puppy and always there and would talk to you all day every day. Responding to text messages in 2 seconds?

      Or... were you more horny for the mysterious guy? The guy who didn't reply for an hour or two and you wondered what he was up to. They guy who told you he missed you but had some work to get done. The guy who sent you a text message describing what he was going to do to you in bed later that night? And was your body not begging for him to arrive at your door at 7pm and do everything he was sexting you?

    • The games are fun at first. Once you're with someone long enough, it's annoying to be left to wonder

Most Helpful Guy

  • msc545
    The more you move away, the closer she tries to get.
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  • Most of what you write is usually absolute bollocks, but you might be onto something here. No woman wants a man who drools like a basset hound over one mention of her lingerie.
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    • Apope16

      It's mind games. I doubt she even bought them. Its keeping a guy on the hook by manipulating him with sexual appetite. I personally have started pulling away. It is only a matter of time before she poses and send me pics with her wearing them to try to get me back.

    • Well sure, but no more than what you are doing right back to her is mind games also.

  • Keyboardkat
    There was a time in my life when I could have used that lesson! It cost me a great girl!
    It was over five decades ago but I never forgot her, or the lesson.
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    • Apope16

      Im sorry sir. You are still young. You have 25 years to bounce back!

    • This happened over a half century ago, but I never forgot it. When she was breaking up with me, she said, "I want to be put in my place." I said, "Should I have done that?" She said, "Yes, it might have helped." I said, "Should I do it now?" She said, "I don't know." I thought, "NOW she tells me!" I treated her the way I thought a woman should be treated, and this is what I got for it! What was one of the lessons? "Never be too nice to a girl; she won't appreciate it. She'll just think you're a wimp and she'll disrespect you!" Fortunately, not ALL women are like that. Sometimes I think it's women with poor self-esteem who act that way. The psychology is like, "I'm not worth all that much; therefore, anyone who could want me cannot be worth much, either." No matter how beautiful, how confident, how superwoman a girl may seem on the outside, on the inside she may feel like a nothing and be overcompensating. The reasons for this may go back to her childhood and adolescence.
      Fortunately, I have a wonderful wife of nearly 50 years, who doesn't have these hangups! But I never forgot the "punch in the gut," and what I learned from it.

  • Am_and_Pm
    Yes, but one of the lady's did mention something, rather brilliant. In the long term, if either one wants to be more involved, you will have to be more aware of the person.

    This works perfectly for those 'baddies' and 'tailchasers' who dont have a choice. They either want to be committed or they won't. Obviously, I'm ignoring the cheaters.
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  • Juxtapose
    Dude fuck playing mindgames. I'd rather be single.

    Either interact me like you're an adult or get the fuck out.
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    • Apope16

      Every woman will play mind games at some point. They will give you a shit test or try to test your strength. Its just what they do. Its in their nature. So you either follow my advice and have the tools to just relax, enjoy it, and mind fuck her in response until she is about to jump your bones... or... grow old and die alone.

    • Juxtapose

      I'm bi soooo...

      I'm fine.

    • Juxtapose

      I feel so bad for straight guys who really don't have a choice.

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  • ___nik
    I don't think this is true. if i'm dating someone, i call them over when their busy only when i really, really need them. and if i really need them and they play the "tough guy who's never available," eventually due to lack of communication i would stop talking to them and end the relationship.
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  • J2ohhhhh
    You know that James Bond is a fictional character, right? And he isn't just a fictional character but usually goes for the easy targets. In Dr. No he went for a girl who was kept alone in an island and learned to to read by herself and was proud of already knowing leter 'k'. In the latest one he hooked up with widow. Before that he was used by a woman. At least watch the damn movies before you're referencing lol
    • Apope16

      No no no. James Bond is REAL. The movies are documentary pieces on the real guy.

  • Wysardi
    She wasn’t feeling well. She was on her period. And you don’t even text back?

    Did you have other plans that night or were you just sitting on the couch answering questions on here and decided fuck her I’m just going to ignore her in the hopes of making her more attracted to me?

    You asked about being the powerful fatherly type and providing for her yet you don’t provide any conversation to even cheer her up when she is feeling down?

    Don’t expect her to cheer you up if your ever feeling down.
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    • Apope16

      I was unaware she was on her period. She didn't tell me this until we were cuddling in bed later that night. During the day she was happy that I was a man with a purpose

    • Apope16

      As for your other comments. I have 2,000 characters. 🤣 i can't give her every detail. But I sent her loving and comforting replies... but followed it up by saying i had to go.

  • siseñor
    the caga you come up with sir, belongs in your culo
  • 1031ent
    I think you been taking to many dating courses for men.

    I would simply recommend to create a code for yourself to live by and do not compromise on your code. Write down your code. Post it on the wall memorize it.

    Value your own time. Have your own vision people want to be part of. Generally have interests and a life and things going on so she isn't your entire world.

    Playing hard to get and silly waiting games are childish. Respecting the value of your time, and living by your code is truth.

    Be honest and use body language to train her on how to treat you. When she does something you like give positive body language. When she is disrespectful to you, give body language indicating you are not interested.

    No waiting games though, that is childish.
  • fxllenone
    The only thing you need to attract women is looks, and let her know that you enjoy dominating women in the bedroom.
    • Kiss_Me

      LOL... I'm so glad there are men like you in the world. It leaves more women for the rest of us.

    • fxllenone

      If that makes you feel better, believe it!

  • r_r_g
    Provider type. You mean do you pay for sex? What a weakling.
  • Angieeebabieee
    Mind games... you gonna end up playing alone.
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  • Anonymous
    I disagree.

    While of course work and other important obligations come first, making up a reason to delay responding or be “on your purpose” is pretty transparent. Most women who value themselves and a meaningful relationship will grow tired of that game and move on to someone who makes time for them.

    You are right that women want their men to have a purpose beside the relationship. But there is nothing more endearing than someone with a genuine purpose make you a priority. I had a friend whom I had no romantic feelings for flip the switch and escape the dreaded friend zone through a series of little actions that showed he would make time for me. And it actually all started with how he responded when I texted him asking for some help on a creative project: “I’m never to busy for you, NAME.”

    Sweet guys who are being sweet without trying to get in your pants, even while they might hope it would happen someday, can be hotter than even the hottest James Bond.
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  • Anonymous
    If she's playing mind games. Leave her!!
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  • Anonymous
    No LOL. So you saying her need for you is not attractive?
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    • Apope16

      You missed the point of the entire piece. Of course it is attractive. That is not what I am saying. Read the piece again. It is about women being attracted to a man who is on his purpose and doesn't drop everything everytimes she has an itch on her nose. A man who is aloof, busy, has a lot going on is more attractive to a woman than some guy who will show up in 2 seconds flat.

      I am very confused by your response actually. This is about a womans attraction to a man. It has nothing to do with how a man feels. I personally really like a woman who wants me and desires me and begs me to be with her.

    • Anonymous

      Lol mainly this is a joke Everett the entire piece I kind a like it but I guess the quotes is a little much and cliché. Like some of the words Superman LOL but I like it.

      I believe a man should always have ambition and purpose of course.

    • Anonymous

      Also how long do you wait to see her

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