Being Pretty Can Hurt


Being Pretty Can Hurt

Being Pretty Can Hurt

Can being attractive actually have a negative effect on a persons life?

The answer is Yes, it absolutely can hurt a person in some aspects of their life. Here are some reasons why being pretty can do you more harm then good .

Being Pretty Can Hurt

Trouble Making Female Friends

Research shows that people feel threatened by beauty and when encountering someone beautiful, they may plan to put them down out of fear or even jealousy"Pretty Girl Syndrome/Pretty Girl Effect".

Women find you to be a risk factor and tend to distrust you,( especially around their men).

Being Pretty Can Hurt

All women have vanity and some have it much more than others.

People Think You're Nothing But Looks.

Attractive people may get lots of attention but none of it is usually good and none of it really even counts, until someone is willing to look beyond that beauty, which takes a very rare type of person.

Being Pretty Can Hurt

Being beautiful and only seen based on your looks makes you feel alone, depressed and even suicidal. You feel like no one sees you past your looks. You feel like an object to the world not a person.

Being Pretty Can Hurt

People naturally assume you are dumb, arrogant, or shallow based only on your looks and don't take the time to find out any differently by getting to know you.

Being Pretty Can Hurt

The Attention Can Be Dangerous

On any night out you might encounter one of those assholes that think sex is a “right” and get angry when denied the opportunity.

Being Pretty Can Hurt

Because of the sheer volume of sexual interest a pretty woman receives when out, she’s more likely to encounter predators while out (it's just simple math).

Being Pretty Can Hurt

Can Hurt Her Career

While attractive men may be considered better leaders, for instance, implicit sexist prejudices can work against attractive women, making them less likely to be hired for high-level jobs that require authority.

Being Pretty Can Hurt

Female colleagues still consider gorgeous women to be a threat regardless of their position in the work place and men would rather hit on them than hire them usually. They are again viewed as objects and nothing more.

Thank you for reading everyone.❤️

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Being Pretty Can Hurt
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Most Helpful Girls

  • GingerCatLover
    I had the opportunity as a teen to join a modeling agency so I'm pretty attractive. Let me put this in reality.

    Female friends - if you act trampishly of course. Goes the same way if you're unattractive & coming around half-naked.

    People Think You're Nothing But Looks. - if you act like a ditz of course. Same as unattractive ditzs. Most people view me as incredibly intelligent.

    The Attention Can Be Dangerous - the sort of "attention" you describe is typical among trampy women. Attractive or unattractive. I've only ever dressed & acted professionally / respectfully and never had that issue.

    Can Hurt Her Career - again with the ditzy trampy sort as would be the case if unattractive. Seeing as I've gotten very far in my career & viewed with respect by medical professionals never had that issue.
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  • Pink2000
    I like this mytake. I consider myself to be fairly attractive lol and I have had some trouble making friends
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Most Helpful Guys

  • Jjpayne
    I love your pics as always 😊

    I totally agree with this! While beauty has its advantages I totally agree that people don't see the struggles that come with it!
    But I will say this, you can choose to defuse yourself and take attention away from yourself as well. Being Pretty Can HurtBeing Pretty Can HurtBeing Pretty Can HurtBut I think the struggle is, of course you want to stay looking as beautiful and attactive as you can. So it's good to just be careful and be mindful of your surroundings to stay safeBeing Pretty Can HurtBeing Pretty Can Hurt
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    • Jjpayne

      And try to show your intelligence and personality as much as you can upon first encounters with people so they can see you are more than you appearances

    • WowwGirl

      Thank you 🤗🤗🤗 hugs

    • Jjpayne

      Hugs 🤗

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  • Apope16
    I think this is a good take. Well written. Opens up the mind. BUt being pretty outweighs the negs. I have seen beautiful women get better job access, better job advancement in careers, higher income, they get free gifts, free drinks, free meals. The whole nine yards. Over a life time they will have more wealth, income, and social status.
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    • WowwGirl

      Well thank you sir I appreciate the compliment

    • Don't forget you've seem them walking away from you, another plus.

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  • FatherJack
    My own daughter , 14 , is already finding this out. She gets her looks from her Italian mothers side more , with a hint of my own mother , a Latina , with a dash of Hungarian look. She has said much the same as this take.
  • Bluemax
    Whereas I agree with much of what you said, the simple truth is the upsides outweigh the downsides.

    For the most part, attractive people are viewed more positively than negatively. They're viewed as more competent. More honest. More trustworthy. As well as having a wider array to choose from in the dating pool. Hell, attractive children receive more attention from their own parents!

    Yes, there's a downside to being pretty. But the upsides outweigh the downsides.
  • GirlyGal20
    yeah I'm consider pretty attractive by many people and I've run into jealous girls. It happens. But being ugly would make my life much harder so I'm not complaining.
  • Jean-Marie_Céline
    Excellent myTake, thank you for sharing.
    I agree with all your points and especially the safety risks with predators and being viewed as sex objects. We live in a bleak world, sadly.
  • Floppy2112
    Sure, being pretty isn't always awesome. It comes with it's own set of baggage. But it still outweighs the penalty of being average or below, by a long shot. Stay pretty as long as you can. It eventually ends for everybody.
  • Ditto626
    Those are some good points for women. However, speaking we an ugly guy I wish I was tall, muscular, and handsome because I think life would be a lot better if I was. People would want to talk to me more, women would be interested in me (and a major goal in life is to find a mate and have children) and I would be seen as more competent at work and would have the potential to earn more money. There was a study that was fine talking about the Halo Effect which basically proved that attractive people are seen as better.
  • Waldoe
    You are lucky that you are not pretty... actually I have no idea what you look like and I am just being a smart-ass... attractive huh? everyone has issues unique and individual issues, we all learn from society, and it's basically "Cruel" to everyone, that's why we need someone to Love. God Bless
  • monkeynutts
    I think it’s got to do with culture. Humans are just more crappy now days.
    • zagor

      I think it's just that the internet is making that more evident...

  • Ousaf1
    I still feel like there are more upsides with being pretty, But you are right. I asked a girl to be my girlfriend after like 5 months of knowing her and I got friendzoned. It looked like she was annoyed when I asked her. Which made me think that she is probably annoyed at the fact that she can't really stay friends with a guy. Pretty women get a lot of validation and are more likely to be "successful" in life. They get a lot of people hitting on them but it's hard to know if it's true love or just someone crushing on you.
  • robocop666
    a reddit post on the downside of being hot, interesting
  • EmmaMary
    Completely 100% accurate.
  • more_than_a_guy
    I get your point, but a lot of studies find that attractive people are more successful in life overall.
  • Anpu23
    Interesting, hadn't really thought about it.
  • Gwenhwyfar
    Completely true
  • Andres77
    "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful..."
  • bannacookies
  • exitseven
    Sometimes being pretty is not a pretty sight.
  • JesseJayNeak
    True. But the benefits DO outshine the flaws
  • msc545
    The alternative seems worse.
  • MasterOfReality
    Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful...
  • Jerre
    You did a great job. Well done!
  • pure-evil
    You're not pretty, so don't worry, you're safe