No! Most women are not that strong and independent

F yeah! Or is it?
F yeah! Or is it?

This is a message I wanted to announce.

This does not apply to all women. Most means more than those, who stand out from the rest, that put in a little extra formula called PROACTIVITY AKA going after what you want. If you do not see yourself in that majority category, then you are not meant as one of those I am about to explain.

Also this topic is not about feminism or equal rights or men and women being (or not being) equal. No. I mean something fundamentally different, that many are carelessly passing through one ear in and out the other with nothing happening in-between.

Also this is not to promote or shame one or the other philosophy. Preferences are just that.

Also I am not angry or upset about this phenomenon. You do you and I do I.

Also this topic is not about "who should ask out who". All these questions were asked and answered countlessly in GAG, became repetitive and are besides the point.

Huge disclaimer: I love women very much. But women have a few serious problems...

...which I intend to address in a constructive way.

I am calling out a behavioral pattern in women, that conflicts with women being (or specifically them perceiving themselves or women as) so strong and independent.

F yeah!
F yeah!

Strong and independent enough to study, graduate with a good degree, enter the workforce, get paid well, get a drivers license, drive your own car, own a house, live by yourself, buy all the things you want with your own money.

F yeah!
F yeah!

But all that strength and independence and badass-ness and being powerful and ass-kicking confidence and the feeling of taking whatever you wish vanishes the very moment as soon as romantic interest and dating comes into question. You might be interested in a man or have feelings for him.

he doesnt know. for real. hes embracing the moment and he thinks she too does
he doesn't know. for real. he's embracing the moment and he thinks she too does

That is exactly when you freeze up and almost crap in your pants from almost daring telling him "Hello handsome" and asking for his contact or inviting him to dance and whatnot and suddenly all sorts of excuses are invented in order to not talk to him. Excuses such as:

  • He's a man, it's the men's job to make the first move
  • He's a man, he should pay or he invited me so he should pay
  • He's too good for me
  • He will think I'm too easy or slutty or desperate or clingy
  • He won't respect me or use me for one night only
  • If he doesn't ask me out, then he's not man enough and not the right man for me and I don't want him anyway
  • I fear getting rejected, so I rather not
  • Maybe he (or his race) doesn't like (insert any race here)
  • It's not him, it's me
Kinda like when so many men arent "doing their jobs" anymore (what jobs?)
Kinda like when so many men aren't "doing their jobs" anymore (what jobs?)

Wow! Just wow. Sabotaging the opportunity before it even starts to unfold. I'd almost say "women's logic" on that one but I'm not going to be stooping that low. That is what I call "Welcome to being a man. Enjoy the equality". Women were not equipped to be like us men. HOWEVER some women don't let that stop them from getting their targeted boyfriend and that is certainly not by putting him in the list of "disqualified candidates". One of the biggest parts of the problem resides in being literally socially inept. Men deal with social anxiety or social ineptitude too but they get over it eventually with more experiences or more money or trying something new or gradual exposure.

wondering how she doesnt have a boyfriend still. shes beautiful and all that, right?
wondering how she doesn't have a boyfriend still. she's beautiful and all that, right?

Here's a little thought experiment: If it was illegal for men to make the first move, then the population in the next few generations would result in 1/10 of what it is today.

Why I say any of this? Because I have been and observed a lot.

I've been going to places. Little distance from the city. Beautiful beaches, remarkable mountains, wonderful campsites, revitalizing nature, exciting festivals and more. But most of the time I like going somewhere wonderful and outside to relax on the weekends. Almost never did I see women being there either by themselves or in a group of women. The vast majority of cases (and I mean like ~95% of all times) when I saw and met women on for example on beaches they were there with men, boyfriends or husbands. It's as if they would never go there by their own self unless a man invites her. I tried to invite girls to go there too on these hot and sunny summer days and they ended up sitting at home on instagram. Women wouldn't get up themselves and go relaxing until someone invites them.

when in doubt - instagram to the rescue
when in doubt - instagram to the rescue

So. With all that said? To me women are still weak, dependent, helpless, passive or waiting for something to happen - and if you're a man reading this and you feel this rings true (depending on your region or cultural situation), then I suggest you start viewing women the same as I do - as helpless, weak and passive, waiting to be saved by you (if they even want to be saved that is). Then you know you can be sure to be the one, that makes any things happen or "leads" if you haven't quite understood the meaning behind "being the leader". Sure, this might be boring but there's a chance you'll "save" one girl, that isn't so boring. And besides the girls won't do it anyway, so don't expect them to and it's either you do it or nobody else will (except for the others like Daniel Hernandez or Chad Thunderrock).

No! Most women are not that strong and independent

Unfortunately this phenomenon is not going to change until we see changes but until that happens, hell might freeze, so for us men we have little choice but to adapt to it accordingly - we'll likely do the work ourselves and will have low expectations. We'll go after the women we are interested in while women won't do the same or won't reciprocate and they can enjoy missing out and keep browsing on instagram. It's your call.

To the right is not MGTOW but "doing something different from everybody else"
To the right is not MGTOW but "doing something different from everybody else"
No! Most women are not that strong and independent
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  • kidvid80
    i would be so bold to say 85 percent are not independent at all but guys as well dont even cut a lawn in life. as for me i work, cook, clean, cut lawn paid off my first home and car. i def do not need a man but it would be amazing to find the right one to be my best friend and more. though i do have to laugh when a certain type of feminist says she doesn't need a man yet lives at home with her parents and the father does everything for her, things that make you go hmmmmmmmm
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    • In this generation it’s normal to live at home in your 30’s with kids. Not many people are independent. Male or female!

    • kidvid80

      @MrCapricorn1995 i know. then when people see i have my own house they get all pissy with me, i work hard 12-12 6 days a week sometimes 7. i have never been given anything in this life. its always rather odd to me when people get jealous or make catty, backbiting remarks

    • kidvid80

      @MrCapricorn1995 i also have no kids, one dog who is spoiled lol

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  • Ellie-V
    I don’t understand why men exaggerate the strong and independent narrative as something that applies to every aspect of a woman’s life. Most women don’t even view it that way. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses and I agree that women generally are passive aggressive in too many areas in personal relationships.
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  • Ayanna240
    Being strong and independent is NOT to graduate with a good degree, enter the workforce, get paid well, get a drivers license, drive your own car, own a house. You can be a weak person and still do that kinda stuff.

    When we talk about being strong and independent, we are not referring to financial assets that you have. We are referring to someone mentally.

    An example of a strong / independent woman:

    a single mother who managed to raise 3 successful children without any help or much money. She got through terrible times all by herself with nobody to help her but yet she managed to pull through. She was strong enough to not crack under the stress. She somehow make enough money to send all her kids to college, all on 1 income. She is a woman who can handle her own without anyone's help.

    This is an example of someone with strong character, not someone who goes to work then comes home to eat donuts in front of a tv until he falls asleep on the couch. There is no struggle in all of this.
    • Anonymous

      "She somehow make enough money to send all her kids to college, all on 1 income. She is a woman who can handle her own without anyone's help."

      And yet you contradict your own claim referring to financial assets (or capabilities) that you have.

    • Ayanna240

      She could have done some really hard jobs that nobody wants to do that pays well , just so she can send her kids to college. Or she could have been spending 80 hours a week at work.

  • JustAnj
    I'm a little bit uneasy with how everyone views relationships.

    We live we learn.

    I understand your take, I just can not concept why this matters and why men and women cannot just overcome all these crazy labels and rules and simply initiate each other, whomever.

    Who cares if your independent or not, you want a relationship you need to understand that you both become dependent of each other. This is not a bad thing it's healthy, just so I am more clear, I am not talking about full reliances when you are fully capable. I am talking about rely on each other to build each other's lives up. This is the whole point of partnership, the whole point why cheating and boundaries exist unless you prefer a more open relationship but even then there is a main partnership.

    Fighting about egos get women and men nowhere fast.

    You want to be a better partner you need to acknowledge there is you and another person. One might have more knowledge the other might need more growth, one might be what the other is missing, either way this overall does not matter once you find someone you feel will challenge you to be further better or make you feel at home and content in your heart.

    No one needs to be first it doesn't matter. If both sexes like someone I encourage you both to initiate and if your not ready that's okay, work on your self esteem first you will be a better person for it. ❤️
  • MzAsh
    If you want women to make the first move, then you will likely need to be submissive to her throughout the duration of the relationship. That’s the dynamic this sets you up for. It simply goes against natural desire.

    Besides, I have been the one to make the first move before and it only set the stage for the guy being lazy and taking my attention for granted. When I sit back and have him pursue, the results were so much better.
    • I agree that men should make the first move, but its not that you made the first move, its more that you liked him more than he did you. Most of my girlfriends did make the first move, and I could say that when she is pursuing me, the results are so much better and they weren't lazy, they really did their all in the relationship, or I could realize whoever asks generally is just way more attracted to the other person.

    • So that would women are lazy bc they don't persue men? and attention for granted.

      It's just that they don't take rejection well men have more experience in that department lol.

    • So that would mean women are lazy bc they don't persue men? and take attention for granted.***

      It's just that they don't take rejection well men have more experience in that department lol.

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  • bamesjond0069
    "Almost never did I see women being there either by themselves or in a group of women. The vast majority of cases (and I mean like ~95% of all times) when I saw and met women on for example on beaches they were there with men, boyfriends or husbands."

    Yeah. You can even see this just driving. Most of the road is men and couples. Women literally just sit home and play on their phones.
    • Anonymous

      If i am being honest, that annoys me, that they allow themselves to be so passive to the point they won't do anything themselves. No wonder men run this world.

    • Its not hard to hit on women... its hard to hit on women when they refuse to leave the house! I agree with another post on here by @MzAsh that men should make the first move. This leads to higher quality men and women. Women who initiate are usually low quality and men who won't are usually low quality too.

    • Anonymous

      I disagree but whatever

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  • tatianamay
    Women are not weak. I can point out many guys on here who are shy and submissive. You’re calling them strong and independent? Funny. I’ve asked out guys I’ve liked. I made the first move and I got rejected. Doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t make the first move again. I would if I really like the guy.

    The second most closest thing to death is childbirth. Can you experience that? Dude, I’ve seen men breaking down and crying after using the period pain simulator. Lol, they’re strong? Both are strong and independent in their own ways. You’ve said we almost crap our pants if he had to talk to a guy, lol, like guys don’t? Please. Some guys on here don’t even have the guts to ask women out and label themselves as “incels” and “shy guys.” Dude, seriously, unless you stop generalizing women and start viewing them as equals, you’re gonna get rejected a lot
    • Anonymous

      Honey, I try to respect women and view them as strong and equals to us for the favor of both men and women but often enough I end up being rather unimpressed by them and them still behaving like it's the 1950s. That resorts me to thinking "it's a man's world" and such passiveness is reinforcing this idea. It's one thing if one or two women are weak & dependent but it's something else when most women are like that. We have a situation, where it's the opposite: One or two women are strong and independent and ask men out (or at least initiate anything with them).

      Shy and submissive guys are doomed. How unfortunate for them. But perhaps one day they might get over it.

    • kevyhanma

      Dude women’s necks and wrist are insanely small (very easy to snap) pretty sure I can one shot most women

    • @kevyhanma lmao, you and your weird ass comments again. @MyTakeOwner hey, the guy who replied to my comments is hella weird, can you delete this dude’s weird ass comment? Honestly, I’d start to argue and my BP would raise. Im having a good day and I don’t want an asshole like him to ruin it

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  • Explorer91
    What are you on about... this is all the world from your view point. And you have drawn some sort of conclusion in your head and convinced yourself of it.
    Have you ever watched dr Phil. And he asks them why they think a certain way. They give the answer, and dr Phil and the audience looked shocked and almost laugh that the person genuinely views reality like they do.
    thats how I felt when I read what you wrote.
  • BeenThereLovedIt
    People are people, and every personality trait you can mention (strong, weak, shy, courageous) can be identified in either men or women.

    Your entire thesis or theory or whatever it is.. it's flat-out wrong.

    You go ahead and treat all women like they are weak and mentally unable to make a good decision, see how that works out for you.
  • DianaWest
    women are weak, and that is YOUR opinion. nothing more than that. just because a woman doesn't run up to a guy and flashes a boob or two doesn't mean she is weak, passive and dependent. you said men become less socially inept while they accumulate more money? and you do not think that could be the case for women as well? maybe the women don't ask you out in particular because they do not find you particularly appealing. i think having a good job with a great salary, a few degrees under your belt, a car and your own place says a lot more about how "strong and independent" one is than whether or not they can muster up the courage to say (after 2 or 6 beers) "damn girl, that booty looking smokin. want my number?"
    • Anonymous

      How about you be my guest and show me that refusing to talk to your romantic interests (or disqualifying them) doesn't show weakness or some sort of dependence from men? Doesn't really prove against my point. Besides that, most women seem to generally prefer it the way it is, that guys do all the work for them. Never did I say go flash your boobs to your romantic interest, it's all about not relying on subtle signals but telling him he's handsome/beautiful/attractive/whatever you find him.

      You can also tell me the ways women take on to decrease their social ineptitude. Besides making more money - is it dancing? Shopping? Something else? I think we can learn from each other.

    • Anonymous

      "damn girl, that booty looking smokin. want my number?"

      Be honest: Would YOU give such a guy your number after he told you that? Sounds like something Chad Thunderrock or Daniel Hernandez might tell you even without any beers.

    • DianaWest

      okay. nowadays most men walk around with their heads in the sand and are afraid of making eye contact with a woman unless they are extremely drunk, at a club, bar, or party. rarely do men actually ask out women anymore. the world of online dating and hooking up has ruined that. a lot of men now rely on going on tinder to find their future wives.

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  • Starwitch23
    There's whole another world of women who are not financially dependent and forced to stay inside their because of the toxic patriarchal society they live. There are women who don't have free will for anything or even who they are marrying. So, yes most women are not that strong and independent.
    • You know that this is obviously not what he talked about but proceed to say it because you have nothing else to say.

    • Are you okay?

  • CasaNorba
    indeed! they're always "strong and independent" alright but the minute they even think and act on starting a family or fearing that they're gonna be alone forever it will suddenly become their own kryptonite.
    • Izzyboom

      So struggling at certain stages makes you weak. How come a man does not lose his independence by worrying. Does that mean no one is 'strong and independent'

    • CasaNorba

      @Izzyboom you miss the part where I said "they even think and ACT ON."

      your worries will never have an effect on you if you never react on them. and there I just answered your question, we men are rarely weak in this department because we hardly worry a let alone react to our worries because we cherish our solitude more and we always calculate and set up a plan before we start a family. we dont just start a family out of the blue just because we fear we will get old and our biological clock will work against us. not that it hardly does because after all we do age a lot better than women do

  • VeroCaroline
    LMAO! This is just bullshit mansplaining. Here I only see a random guy with mommy issues being sour on women. I understand, you´ve been rejected, move on dear. Let the analysis of human and social behaviour to the the experts and save us from your unfounded opinions.
    • You're 47 and say stuff like mansplaining? What went wrong in your life? Sad.

    • tikag

      @Hallo626262 you're 22 and have not yet started to reflect on toxic societal patterns like many men thinking they are smarter than women (for which OP is a good example) and talking down to them every chance they get?

  • Emmapelaez
    Women can’t be independent because of men like you. And stop saying “women” when really your talking about your 6th grade ex. Women are perceived as weak and only one purpose, to please men. Women are not weak. We basically have a super power to have EXTREMENLY high pain tolerance and ability to forget pain. Proven. I love how this dude makes an essay preaching about how women are not as well as men when he goes as anonymous. He knew he would get shade and fight back. And he deserves it. This is misogyny.
    • Anonymous

      Ah, I see you decided to go straight with the rest. Very well. Bon Voyage, girl. Don't get hurt ;)

    • @Emmapelaez At 13 you have all of the answers.

    • kevyhanma

      Dude women are weak af I could easily one shot any woman

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  • captain_voidwalker
    Yeah there real strong and independent until the government cuts off that welfare check , or stops enforcing that labor quota.
    Thats not to say there aren't any independent women I've known a few in my life but they're the exception not the rule
  • hi_it_is_me123
    At first i was very worried that this take is going to be another sexist take that trashtalk women. Omg this take is literally great. I thought you are going to critizise "modern" women for not being submissive or traditional. It is perfectly ok to be traditional but i have read some takes that shamed on women for not being traditional/submissive etc. I am just shocked. Unfortunately in many takes that i read men or women are critizised while being trashtalked. I really like it how you critizise women without shaming on them. You even critizise slutshaming which i really like it. I agree with you. Women also should make the first step and if he thinks you are easy or desperate, he does not deserve you. If you really like a guy, dont wait for him to make the first step.
    • Man this take is so good. Thank you for making this take

    • I agree with the whole take by the way. So i agree with all your points.

    • Anonymous

      Haha, cool! Go tell your friends.

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  • Badzo
    The fact they keep saying they're strong and independent comfirms to me that they're not they were just trying to hide it
    • Sarahnah

      I actually see more men complaining about "strong and independent women" than I see girls boasting about being strong and independent

    • Anonymous

      @Sarahnah Bingo! That was exactly what I was thinking too.

  • crazy8000
    It's a attitude thing how we see on thing's that determine if we are or aren't.
    Gender in itself doesn't determine.
  • A_Bell
    Meh. Mediocre, but the comments will be angry and fierce.
  • MCheetah
    Just wanted to say, I agree with you here. Nothing clever or witty this time.
    • A_Bell

      "Nothing clever or witty this time."

      So per usual? HA HA, just kidding. Probably.

  • Browneye57
    Did you actually come up with all this yourself? Or are you regurgitating shit from the internet? ;)
  • hellacray
    Well let me just simplify things with examples.

    People have complained and tried to cancel others because video game characters and even fan art has been too sexy.

    Cardi B made WAP... Which I guess is female empowerment? And I think there was even a movement I've seen floating around called free the titty. Where women would march down the street topless holding signs.

    I mean a bit hypocritical if you ask me. And I would say it's also a very confusing message to all women in general.
  • Coolkat12345
    Lol your thoughts may explain why your having relationship problems. You shouldn’t think so low of woman because they are not all the same dude. Some of them are cool and some of them are wack, it’s as simple as that. You can’t categorize every single woman as being one way because of some bad experiences you had with some of them. Trust me some fit into that category you put them into but not all, there are some really cool ones out there and in order to find one then you gotta be cool yourself and it will happen easily or at least it should.
  • KrakenAttackin
    You are missing the mark. All of this "girl power" is an illusion, which is where the real My Take should be. Women pretend to be "badass" and "powerful", yadda yadda yadda, but the reality is they depend on men to make the world in which they live. The physical infrastructure that is built and maintained by men, is what allows modern women to engage in this vast delusion of "empowerment".

    You doubt what I write? Just remember, feminism ends with a flat tire.
    • A_Bell

      Or a spider.

    • DianaWest

      @KrakenAttackin both sexes have their own competencies and incompetencies. i wonder how you'll survive in a world full of only men? a considerable amount of men in the world are not even capable of washing their own underwear or cooking an omelet without burning the house down, so please. you ever raise an infant on your own without any other support? you knew what to do when your baby had a fever or a cold in the winter? perhaps you had an idea, but i'm sure women should be given their credit where it's due.

    • @DianaWest Wrong. Men designed, built, maintain, renovate, and expand; the world in which you live. All of this physical infrastructure, protection, gynocentric legal protection; has made women the most clueless and entitled creatures to ever walk the earth. Your own self-delusion makes you think you could survive without everything men have done for you (and continue to do for you).

      You analogy of an omelet and washing underwear is interesting as this tells me the value of the skills you bring --- washing underwear and making an omelet. FYI, how many modern women need a GPS to FIND the kitchen much less do anything worthwhile once in the kitchen.

      Yes, there are a lot of women nurses, which is a valuable skill (when the nurses actually care about their patients, I have my own nurse horror stories), but there are male nurses as well.

      My point is the the whole female ultra-empowerment is so wildly unfounded.

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  • tikag
    Shit my dude, please stay single.

    This is the most removed from reality, lazy-thinking, misogynist thing I've read all day. I'll be sorry for any woman that has to come into contact with you.
  • SweetValor
    You're right because this is the harsh reality. All the women who claim to be "independent and strong" really aren't, because the fact that they have to even point out them being strong just has the complete opposite effect. If you can hold your own weight and be strong or independent, good for you. But most of the women aren't actually "strong'' nor ''independent'' and are instead just labeled that way to boost their egos. As a member of the female gender, I have seen this many times and it just doesn't make sense to me.
    • Saartjeh

      nope lol you are closed minded.

    • Izzyboom

      Why is it that women have a higher bar to be considered strong or independent. A poor man is viewed as independent but a semi rich women might still be viewed as dependant. (Obvs this works the opposite way with other topics but in the independent part women are looked down on).

    • @Izzyboom there is no higher bar. Women just aren't as independent and ask for special treatment all the time.

  • DeltaCharlieEcho
    There's no such thing as a strong or independent woman.
    • @DeltaCharlieEcho. Exactly. Women can be "strong and independent" as long as men handle ALL of the hard, dirty, dangerous, and technical jobs.

    • @KrakenAttackin The amount of women that live in this completely delusional 'reality' is unbelievable. If there was an entire species of women that were able to reproduce without male intervention, they'd still be living in huts with no light, fire, or clothing.

    • @DeltaCharlieEcho Exactly right. Women talk shit about men and praise female empowerment, in classrooms built by men, air conditioned by equipment men designed, built, installed by men; with electrical power generated by power plants designed, built, and operated by men. These women arrived in cars that were designed, built, and are maintained by men; on roads built by men, etc., etc. etc. etc. etc... and these women really are this fucking clueless.

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  • Abdulwahh
    We men are attracted to the feminine due to biological reasons and not intimidation
  • Sketti2021
  • kevyhanma
    Women are not strong at all
  • Shihab91
    Not men even, we are men and women for a reason
  • NerdDG
    Could be but depends on certain woman, not all.
  • Fempstnd
    This is another fantasy.
  • Anonymous
    I understood your point until you decided to say “weak, helpless, and passive). They aren’t :) at all. Because with that logic, so are men. Lots of men don’t make the first move either. Hell, the men I know can’t even mow the lawn or change a lightbulb. I know men who still live in their moms basement, with your logic, no one is “strong and independent” then.
    • Anonymous

      Fair enough. Men are still the ones, that do the most work.

    • Anonymous

      Not all the time. The men in my life do less or the same amount so I guess it’s situational

  • Anonymous
    So true... Here is the reality, If you use government aid of any kind, if you are on child support, or any other form of government support, You are not a strong independent woman
  • Anonymous
    So are you saying that women are weak and defenseless and not strong because they don't take initiative to ask guys out? Because it comes off as you saying they are generally weak and helpless. Which you know is very wrong and you're starting to sound like a bitter incel. I know a lot of women who ask guys out. In fact, a friend of mine has initiated date after date with guys, is she "not strong"? I, myself included have asked out guys. Some instances were successful, some weren't. Big deal, I moved on. I know many women who go out alone all the time, by themselves, as well as many women who slip a guy their numbers. This take seems very one sided and more personal to you than reality. As if men, do not have the same insecurities when seeing a girl they want to approach and thinking they are "too good for them". And men do not really get over their rejection- hence all the bitter incels and woman blaming- so no they are also as you say socially inept.
    • Lol you say it's wrong but that's exactly how women behave. Sorry but wtf are you smoking?

    • Lol women obviously handle rejectiok much much worse because they are not used to it. You live in a feminist fantasy world.

    • Anonymous

      @Hallo626262 your first instance is to call any woman who disagrees with you a feminist. Shows how much you like women lmao. And you know what's funny? Men like you think they know every woman out there because of their few experiences with them. There's millions of us dude. We're not all the same. Stop generalizing women. You're starting to sound like an incel.

  • Anonymous
    My ex wife gets more than half my salary and my two kids... She's very independent now!!!
    • Anonymous

      Until you lose your job or die.
      Not sure if that's funny or sad. Or both.

    • Funny how one women liked that. That's what women think being independent means

  • Anonymous
    Women are extremely manipulative.
  • Anonymous
    yes its all over the internet

    we know
  • Anonymous
    So... She can be able to squat 300 lb, but she prefers to stay at home on Instagram then going on a hike so she is weak helpless and in need of rescue?
    This me exaggerating. But just because they don't usually make the first move in relationships or don't like to go out alone, doesn't mean they are week and helpless.
  • Anonymous
    There are good women in the world today but there are more awful toxic women who contribute nothing and are extremely fake. They virtue signal constantly not because they are pure of heart but because they believe that others will like them more because of it. These superficial bitches are the most deceitful and should be shouted down and marginalized. Never commit to one or you will forever forget it
  • Anonymous
    If you meet a woman (or man) who feels the need to proclaim she is a "strong and independent woman", turn and run the other way and don't look back. Being independent, aka being a normal adult, is something anyone worth dating should be by default. Saying "I'm a strong and independent woman" is like saying "I wipe my ass before I flush the toilet".