Guys if you don't text a girl a day, what's usually on your mind (topic: texting)?

So this guy and I have known eachother for more than a month, we met like somewhere in April? At that time I was dating another guy, and the other guy and I were friends, but he started to playfully joke with me through texts, considering we live very far from eachother we don't hang out, just text.

And so this guy that lives far away he helped me through thick times where I was either too depressed, or sick, and he'd text me things to feel better and by things I mean hilarious pictures, and he's 19, and I'm 17, we literally became really good friends to the point where we talk about everything and all that. And now the guy that I was dating, we broke up, and the other guy who is my friend was there for me again. This whole summer passed by, and he texted me more than normally, complimented me which he never did, just until that day we started to text again.

So we texted for days, but for one day it was like he was avoiding my texts? I don't know how exactly to explain it, but for a WHOLE day he didn't text me until the next day at night he said 'hi' and it's like confusing cause one moment he's texting me, complimenting me, and playing around with me but he's so distant now, like he rarely holds a conversation with me now, and when he does I'm usually not in the mood to talk.

Guys, if you were into a girl and wouldn't text her for a whole day til tomorrow, what's on your mind?

I know maybe I'm just overreacting? Or just overthinking it... but I think I'm starting to like him, and it's something that my friend tells me that I should tell him, but I can't risk loosing a friend. So guys, any advice on this? And if you guys have ever avoided a girl for a day? Thanks. [=
Guys if you don't text a girl a day, what's usually on your mind (topic: texting)?
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