Why can't girls be attractive and smart?

As an young, attractive guy born into a wealthy family I've had the oppurtunity to travel the world and engage with thousands of women, based on these experiences its safe to say that no matter where I travel to girls fall into two major categories:

A) Girls who immerse themselves in fashion, makeup and all things appearance oriented, they tend to be great to use for sex, but once the makeup has dissapeared and you realise they can't hold a conversation on anything that isn't celebrity related there's really no point in sticking around, they tend to get by until their looks fade in their late 20s in which case they have nothing left of value besides the ability to bear children.

B) Girls who focus on their personalities, they tend to be more academic or interesting but this is often to compensate for how unattractive they are, whether it be from them being overweight or just generally ugly, these girls tend to achieve more than passing a hair/makeup course but are better to have as friends or just ignore completley as having sex with them is out of the question ( i do not want ugly kids).

So my question is why can't girls be both attractive and intelligent? It seems guys have a much easier time managing this as you see the amount people who are in power, wealthy or are able to do anything useful (e. g. inventors, engineers etc.) are 99% of the time males.

How can we get more women to not just marry one of these men but become one of them without sacrificing her looks or body? Is it even possible? Are girls physically unable to be as intelligent as guys? What do you think?
Why can't girls be attractive and smart?
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