Do women care about men?

Do women care about men?

from a male perspective it often appears that women do not care about us. some men think women are incapable of loving men.

I look at how few women study mens rights issues, and have to wonder if women do care about us in any meaningful way. I think most women on this site would be shocked if they did bother to study our issues.

expecting a guy to love you if you in turn dont care about him is shallow. and will never work in the long run.
the problem I think is the result of programming; women are so into vanity products and popular people that they think little of the guy they are with, his dreams and needs etc. and I suspect the women most successful in relationships are those who care about the man.

like the Zen saying;

"The best thing a man can hope for, is an understanding woman."

how many women care enough to even think about the guy other than his utility factors?

HEY! we are people too! but if you study mens rights issues you will quicly learn what a horror story society is for us. do you care enough to study our issues? or will you just bad mouth us and then wonder why we avoid relationships now.

the secret to harmony is love both directions.
love is best earned, just like respect. people who expect love and respect without giving the same are delusional.

and yes, I know, there are a lot of real sleaze bag men out there... its always been like that. the challenge is to find an honest one and reciprocate on all levels.

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Ahh! some good negative responses! (3)

well if we were in power, why would we trash men in divorces?

and everything listed that you accuse men of women also do, pointing fingers fixes little.

"Cry me a river" is oft used by feminists... how cliche! I will cry you a river when you are dealing with the blow back; cause and effect universe, what comes next? what will come back on women? nothing? I think not.
its men who hold up the system, search; ghosting and four levels of MGTOW.
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Anonymous 18-24

what is it that affects men negatively?

Well, first of all the job place working world sucks, as many women are beginning to figure out. and as men, we dont get all the secretarial jobs in air conditioned cubicles, where we shuffle pages on a computer between coffee breaks, and touching up our makeup...

lets have gender equality all the way from top to bottom. from offices to the sewage treatment plant.

let the HR department be forced to give half of all jobs to men.
Do women care about men?
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