Should I tell my boyfriend how many guys flirt with me every day?

I have never actually cheated on anybody, but in past relationships I felt so detached that i could have cheated because I just didn't care. And to some degree I was being unfaithful. I was texting and calling other guys, going on dates with other guys, all while I was in numerous past relationships. I just never felt the same way about guys as they did about me and so I didn't understand. It wasn't until I met my current boyfriend that I felt this deep connection. He thinks Im the sweetest angel because all he has ever gotten from me is love. Even when I first saw him I felt deeply connected to him and he felt the same way. We both thought it was some kind of miracle that we met, and we both would assure one another that falling in love fast wasn't common for either one of us. He told me about his past relationships and how he was affected by cheating, and I suddenly realized how hurtful cheating could be. I dont think I could cheat on him even if somebody paid me a million dollars because he changed me completely Im not even the same person I used to be and neither is he. But I get flirted with a lot, and I dont know if I should tell him about it or ignore it. Im used to. keeping that kind of thing to myself, and I dont know if its just hurtful anf pointless to tell him. He sometimes will ask me if anybody at my job or gym or at the mall tried to flirt with me, and even though they have I always say no. I do to avoid making a big deal out of it since I never even would entertain the thought of cheating on him. Is it wrong to do that? Should I be honest and tell him how many guys flirt with me every day or just keep in to myself? Should I only tell him if he asks?
Should I tell my boyfriend how many guys flirt with me every day?
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