What are girls thinking when they look at a guy's crotch?

Sometimes when I am out with friends at parties...I find girls looking at my jeans like where my crotch is. They try to be subtle of course as they do this. Do girls often do this if they find a guy attractive and are hanging out...you know look at his jeans where the crotch is. And if so what are you thinking as you look at his d*** through his jeans...dirty thoughts...be specific as possible.


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  • Same reason why guys look at chicks breasts.

    But here is the thing, some guys actually wear really tight jeans or pants etc etc and it would be too obvious and so wrong for us not to check out... even if they re not attractive not one bit we have to look and the minute we look what happens is, we start thinking and trying to figure out how big and think it really is without the pants on..

    The tighter the pants are the bigger it looks, but tight pants on guys is a huge ICK to me so even if am looking I would be disgusted a bit, no matter how hot he is...

    Unlike men, who would go nuts if a girl with big breasts wore a tight tiny top.

    Dont get me started on speedos too! Now when a guy is wearing that, am sorry but I MUST look.


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  • This actually came up today and I was with these two guys and the subject of crotches came up. So they were talking about how their bulges stick out and showing off. I mentioned you can't even see it to one of them, and then he said it's because they were lowriding, etc. If I stare at a guy's crotch it's pretty much to determine how big they are, which is really misleading since guys wear different kinds of jeans and such, so it's not like I spend that much time looking. But of course I never get caught. :P

  • I'm usually trying to estimate how much of it I'll shove in my mouth later on.

  • Usually try to determine if its big ;P

  • My guess is to see if your having a boner ( excuse my langauge )

  • when I look, it's usually to see if they have a boner.. and if they do I usually think about size and sex and stuff.

    same reason you men check out our boobs and ass.

  • i imagine how big it is, then I imagine how it would feel if we had sex


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