How do I tell him that I care about him with out scaring him?

I've been seeing this guy, and he keeps saying how he doesn't get why I care about him so much.

When he asks I've just been saying "Because I do".

I wanna be able to tell him in a more heart felt way but I don't want to scare him off by telling him how much I love him.

So how would I tell him how much I care about him with out freaking him you?


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  • Come on, he's a guy lol. If he freaks out, then he's no man.

    go girl! come on. you're worried he won't talk to you? fret not.

    try being on the same 'frequency' as him. you know.

    dont say "i like you" or any related stuff. small talk small talk.

    see, I used to hate a girl and she too hates my guts. but the fact that we had to talk to each other due to work made us forget the hate. and she liked me in the end. its cheesy but it happened. because I like her too.

    dont worry about what he thinks. talk to him! befriend him!

    dont be worried about rejection either. trust me, it feels like a bee sting but after which you become much stronger.

    • We're best friends. . . So we do talk. We've told each other how we loved each other as best friends, but I like him much more than a best friend. Also we are friends with benefits. I think he's starting to like me more than just a friend too but I'm not sure. That's why when he says stuff like "Why do you care about me so much?" I don't know what to tell him.

    • Okay what are the signs? I know its like you have no idea how to answer such a question like "Why do you care about me so much?" whatever answer will be awkward or not, its bound to happen and end quickly. but just remember he's still friends with you, so if anything counts - he's not gonna freak out or back out.

      find out if he has anything for other girls..friends of his? do a little 'safety' checks.

    • Well he has a lot of friends that are girls and I don't know what he's telling them. But He's talked to me about his ex's and stuff and how he doesn't really talk to them. but his most recent ex still wants to be friends with him and their going to a concert, just them and I'm worried that they might end up messing around or something.

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  • Well if you've already told him you care about him then he should know, plus by your affection and everything that you do when you spend time together. It depends how he feels, if he just wants a bit of fun then I wouldn't tell him just yet because he might run a mile which a lot of guys do, or if his in the same place as you then just tell him what you got to lose? If he does freak out then his loss you were just being honest about how you feel, but don't express your feelings too much so that its cheesy if you know what I mean lol

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