Girls only want good looking/rich guys?

Admit it girls. You don't really give two s***s about ugly/poor men and only invest time and love to the good looking/rich guy. I mean when was the last time you've seen a girl partnered with an ugly/poor guy? Because NEVER IN MY GAHDAMN LIFE ever seen a couple like that. Neither an ugly/poor guy with female friends and I don't think there's any evidence.

I have experienced and observed all of this. Back in my high school/college days, I wasn't that popular guy due to my appearance and financial status and now I work and a girl I know there feels like she's not interested in me. I've seen couples of my age everywhere only to see girls with good-looking/rich guys and they're just so depressing to look at.

I, and ugly/poor men always get treated like garbage every damn day and its really frustrating and degrading at the same time. Everywhere I see in real life and social media, only good looking/rich guys are with girlfriend or female friends and even more girls flock to them.

So why the hell is being with an ugly/poor man so boring to you girls?
Girls only want good looking/rich guys?
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