Girls, why do you agree to meetup/hangout and then ghost?

I've asked this question before and got no female responses. I mean, I get that sometimes there are circumstances that influence it. Maybe she was afraid to say no, etc. However I've had this happen more times than I can remember where I meet a girl, we talk, everything is 100% cool. We text back and forth, eventually we agree to meetup (sometimes her idea, sometimes mine) and then as soon as we make a plan or like literally the night before we we meet up, poof, she vanishes. I've only ever had one girl in my entire life actually follow through with a meetup. (Yes at 28 I've literally only had one date ever and it turned into a wonderful 2 year long relationship) This most recent one we've been texting for about a week. She seemed very sincere.

We were supposed to meet up at her place at 1:30pm tomorrow. So today I sent her a snap asking for her address and she read it without replying. I waited a few hours and texted her again saying "?" and then I sent one more saying: "If it makes you feel more comfortable to send it tomorrow then that's understandable." She has yet to even read those latter two texts at all and it's currently 1am. Seriously what's the point? No I didn't say anything weird or pushy or creepy and no nothing was sexual. Everything was lighthearted, friendly, a lot of joking, laughing, etc. I even told her I was going to buy some alcohol for us which she seemed extremely excited about. I just picked it up when I texted her. Already wasted the money on it.

Do you do this alot? Why? It's super freaking annoying and it's to the point where now, every time a girl agrees to a meetup, in my mind I'm already telling myself "She's gonna ghost." I wish I was exaggerating but I promise you I'm not.
Yes I do this because I just like the attention but don't actually wanna meet.
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Yes I've done this but only a few times because the guy was a creep.
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Yes I've done this because I ended up meeting someone better before our date.
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No I don't do this, I don't like wasting anyone's time.
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Yes because other (please explain)
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Update: She actually ended up replying. I drove 3 hours to go see her. Once I was about 15 mins out she texted me asking me how I was coming along. I told her I was 15 minutes out. Once I arrived I texted and called her with no response. I sat there and waited for over 20 minutes, still no response. I then sent her a snap basically asking her wtf and she immediately blocked me. I had specifically asked for her number just to avoid that from happening. Needless to say that is 6 hours of driving t
Girls, why do you agree to meetup/hangout and then ghost?
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