Why do girls always want guys to be feminine now?

not hating but... recently I've noticed a lot of girls wanting us guys to be more feminine and girly...
for example: I've been seeing questions: why is it wrong for guys to cry? and then in the comments section all the girls are like "its ok for men to cry, no need hold back ur emotions, just cos u are male doesn't mean u can't cry" - well its not that im holding emotions back, i personally jus dont have the emotions there, i dont care about anything enough to be sad by it.

and then i be seeing questions like "is it ok for men to wear this pink handbag?" and then in the question us guys obviously say "no, its faggy"
and then the girls always have some war with us like "why is it not ok for him to wear a feminine bag?
jus because he's male? we should all have the freedom and choice to wear what we want"

its like they dont understand gender roles... men are suppose to be tough, not girly,
could u imagine a world wear every guy is weak and cowardly, never does anything brave,
and constantly crying in the corner over the smallest things? i dont think u do.
why do you girls are always trying to encourage us to be feminine now?
what for?
i dont get it
they feel weak being the only feminine 1 in the relationship and wanna feel tougher
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i dont know
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theyre attracted to feminine guys
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theyre tryna be morally/ politically correct
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they dont know what they want
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theyre stupid
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Why do girls always want guys to be feminine now?
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