Is the male's gender role becoming obsolete?

Well, in modern times, women don't need men really for anything except breeding. And, I'm not making that statement out of feminist hate or anything, it's just something I've realized. Women can work and make plenty of money to support ourselves, take care of the home, the kids, raise them etc...and I just wonder if this independent attitude is starting to mess with the male's position in a relationship and household?

Men are essentially seen as the providers, and are hard wired to be that way; but with more women going to college, getting higher paying jobs, and pretty much providing for ourselves, are guys getting kinda pushed out of the equation?

Also, a couple people on here have mentioned that

" gender roles are switching."

As in, the status of provider is becoming more related to women, and men sort of have to just settle in at being at home, or not providing as much as the female in the situation. Maybe take most the responsibility for house chores and cooking..

When I first thought about it, I thought it was kind of a crazy idea - but with all the single mothers doing rather well, and women becoming more dominating in the work field, the men are starting to get overlooked a bit.

Of course us ladies need our men; we love and appreciate you, but I feel that will be a big problem for all guys, if they end up in a situation where they aren't the provider - ( I've seen it first hand, it really jacks men up as they don't feel needed,) a lot of guys aren't too comfortable with their women making more than them, let alone making all the money while they sit around and pretty much do nothing.

I personally feel men need to be in a position of that power of taking care of his family - the head of the household if you will - because if their not, then where do they belong if the women fills all other positions?

See what I'm getting at?

If us ladies are managing all positions in the household...where is the male's role in this now?

(besides breeding, but that's a pretty crappy role, I mean, just there for sex...kinda sucks overall.)

Is the male's gender role becoming obsolete?
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